Unlock The Power of Accurate As-Builts Before You Design or Dig.

Reduce reworks, downtime, cost overruns, and utility strikes on your construction site with SiteMap® Project

Unlock The Power of Accurate As-Builts Before You Design or Dig.

Reduce reworks, downtime, cost overruns, and utility strikes on your construction site with SiteMap® Project

How many times have you had to make decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete as-built data and records?

How often do you wish you could streamline communication among your subcontractors, but don’t have the platform to facilitate it?

How helpful would it be to have everyone on your job site on the same page, from the owner to the electrician, to the plumber?

With SiteMap Project®, you can do all of this and more.

SiteMap Project® helps you streamline communication, gain control, and ensure accuracy of your vital job site infrastructure data.

With SiteMap Project®, you can communicate in harmony with key stakeholders and remain in control with utility mapping software that stands as a single source of truth for all your utility and infrastructure information. From aboveground 3D BIM models and photogrammetry, to below ground utility maps and sewer inspection reports. A SiteMap® Project subscription stores layered and mapped above and below ground as-built data for the life of your construction project.

Your site information is secure, accessible, and shareable 24/7 to help ensure you can Intelligently Visualize the Built World® throughout the entire project lifecycle.  

SiteMap®, is a single source of truth that lets you see and securely share your vital infrastructure data with your team throughout your entire project lifecycle.

This means…

No more inaccurate as-builts costing you time and money.

No more utility strikes damaging reputations and injuring employees.

No more communication breakdowns leading to clashes, reworks and change orders.

No more sharing of bad data with other stakeholders on site!

While every job site is unique, a SiteMap® Project subscription gives you nationwide access to your site data. So, whether you’re located in Arkansas overseeing a hospital rebuild in New Orleans, or in Boston, directing a large-scale airport renovation in New York City, you get access to control your data flow and share as-builts with your subcontractors as you choose, for the entire duration of your project.

Anyplace, anytime, on any computer or mobile device.

Ensure Data Accuracy

SiteMap® Project is backed by our Project Managers’ 99.8% accurate utility locating and concrete scanning, millimeter-accurate 3D laser scanning, NASSCO-certified video pipe inspections, and pinpoint leak detections.

This accurate data collection is possible through the nationwide network of SIM-certified GPRS Project Managers who pair multiple forms of industry-leading technology, consistent and repeatable methodology, and best-in-class training, to make our team of Project Managers the industry’s best when Intelligently Visualizing the Built World® on your project. And because GPRS is your data source, you also control the quality of the data, whether you or your subcontractors ordered the work.

All GPRS data collected on-site will be housed within SiteMap® so you can easily access it when you need it. And once the work is complete in the field and uploaded in the system, you’ll have access and control of your utility locating information within minutes, giving you the ability to view, interact with, and securely share that information with whomever you choose.

How Many Users Does a SiteMap® Project Subscription Allow Me to Have?

The standard option is five – one administrator and four users. This number, however, can be modified as needed to fit your needs! Plus, because SiteMap® Project is made to help you streamline communications on your project, you can print, save, or copy your SiteMap® data to communicate real-time subsurface as-built information in whatever format that best suits your needs.

SiteMap® Project will help redefine the way you collaborate with your team and other subcontractors on your job sites.

A SiteMap Project® account helped Engineering News-Record Top 10 Environmental Firm, Arcadis, communicate more effectively and locate utilities more accurately on one of their most recent projects.

“SiteMap® allowed a point-of-entry into our site utility knowledge that prevented a bottleneck for our teams,” said Arcadis Project Environmental Scientist, Alexander Valigosky. “Rather than relying on one person to be the keeper of knowledge on utilities and site layout, a handful of seats with SiteMap allowed several people access, improving their workflows with the access.”

Just imagine the day when all the different sub-contractor data on your project has been accurately mapped and uploaded for the entire project lifecycle with SiteMap® Project.

At the end of the project, you have an up-to-date and accurate map of your site that streamlines communication between teams and gives you access to the data you need to improve your workflow. This solution will ensure that you’ll no longer need multiple platforms to share and reference data. Because with SiteMap® Project, all that siloed data is brought together so that stakeholders can have access to the information they need to plan, design, dig, and ultimately build better.

SiteMap® Project brings together siloed data so that different stakeholders can have access to the information they need to safely dig or drill.

SiteMap® Project is the secure and easily usable software that stores all of GPRS’ SIM Certified Project Managers 99.8+% accurate data, gelocated, aggregated, secure, and shareable with the click of a button.

SiteMap® Project lets you take control of your above and below ground infrastructure information to keep your project on time, your budget intact, and your people safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Benefits of Underground Utility Mapping?

Mapping the underground utilities of a facility, site, campus, or municipality, provides up-to-date subsurface infrastructure data so that your team and any contractors you hire can avoid utility strikes, and the service interruptions, budget overruns, and safety risks that come with them.

How Does SiteMap® Assist with Utility Mapping?

SiteMap® allows facility managers to view underground utility networks and hidden construction, reduce engineering risks, and build a 3D map to aid surface and subsurface construction projects.