Improving and Investing in America's Energy Infrastructure

Improving and Investing in America's Energy Infrastructure

Increasing the reliability and sustainability of America’s electric grid via clean and renewable energy infrastructure—with 100% subsurface damage prevention.

Utility Locating Services

In today’s digital world, fast, readily available, and uninterrupted electricity grows increasingly important to American society. Without it, much of daily life comes to a complete stop.

Energy infrastructure in the U.S. is used to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity. While slight improvements and budget increases have been made over the last several years, bringing America’s energy infrastructure grade to a C- according to the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure by the ASCE, there remains plenty of room for progress.

As America takes proactive steps forward regarding modernization, energy efficiency, and a comprehensive plan for more renewable and clean energy, there is extraordinary  growth to be had in this energy sector. And where there is infrastructure improvement, there is construction excavation. If safety is not practiced, such as subsurface damage prevention, there can be severe consequences to the project.

GPRS is uniquely positioned to guide energy infrastructure improvements and construction projects with our expert Utility Locating Services. We have over 20 years of experience in most electricity transmission and distribution system (T&D) settings, such as overhead transmission rebuild and construction, underground transmission planning and construction, substation as-built updates, foundation mapping, and more. GPRS avoids mis-markings and missed utilities by ensuring that our Project Managers are highly trained and SIM certified.

With our comprehensive range of immediate and accurate reporting options, GPRS provides our clients with up-to-date records of underground utilities for future reference.

Electricity Generation

Power plants typically sit atop a complex underground maze of utilities, pipes, and pipelines. GPRS can swiftly and accurately determine the location of these utilities prior to construction or renovation, and provide a clear and detailed map via our Utility Locating Services. In addition to scanning for damage prevention, GPRS provides customers with updated as-built utility drawings.

Electricity Transmission

Electricity transmission spending grew from $15.6 billion in 2012 to $21.9 billion in 2017 (ASCE Report Card for America’s Infrastructure), which means increased planning, rebuilding, and construction. It’s important to be aware of the many dangers associated with excavating within substations, along transmission lines, and for transmission-connected facilities.

At GPRS, we can map the location of underground utilities on public or private property with our Utility Locating Services. Our SIM process leads the industry in subsurface damage prevention, making an excellent match for improving America’s energy infrastructure safely.

Power Distribution Systems

92% of power outages occur along our power distribution system segments, making them the primary source of unreliability. Locating utilities and underground grids is vital, however, substations present unique challenges such as weak signals and interference from other sources. Expert-level underground utility locating and mapping is necessary in order to successfully locate substation utilities. GPRS provides the information that enables safe excavation and planning from substation to delivery.

Raising the Report Card Grade

All three major components of the electric grid (generation, transmission, and distribution) have an investment gap. Additional transmission and distribution infrastructure, smart planning, and improved reliability are needed to accommodate the changing energy landscape of our digital world. At GPRS,  we pride ourselves  on our experience and expertise that uniquely positions us to serve America’s energy infrastructure improvement projects. Since 2001, we have worked for major companies such as Duke Energy, American  Electric  Power, Ameren, and Exelon—completing  nearly 3,000 miles of Transmission ROW scanning and over 500 substation projects. GPRS continues to exceed industry performance when it comes to the precision and accuracy of our Utility Locating Services.

GPRS envisions a tomorrow with the capability of 100% subsurface damage prevention. To learn more about GPRS technology and services and the ways in which we support America’s energy infrastructure improvements, visit our website here.