GPRS Training School

GPRS Training School

The GPRS training process emphasizes the value of both field work and classroom learning. New hires have the opportunity to shadow experienced Project Managers in the field before spending two weeks at our Ohio headquarters learning the ins and outs of life at GPRS. The entire onboard training takes between two to three months, depending on a student’s demonstrated ability.

GPRS Training School
GPRS Training School

Our typical new hire training consists of:                

• Initial time spent shadowing an experienced Project Manager local to their area. New hires have the opportunity to get a glimpse of life in the field, and to see whether the position is a good fit. Time spent experiencing field work better prepares them to ask questions and better understand content in the classroom.

• Two weeks at our Ohio headquarters. After gaining some insight as to what the job entails, GPRS new hires from across the country are flown to Ohio for an immersive learning experience at our company’s headquarters. Here they learn all about GPRS’s values and company culture, meet key players within the company, network with fellow team members, and receive critical knowledge to continue their training.

New hires spend a full day working on our training slab which simulates field conditions, enabling them to learn proper scanning and marking procedures for activities such as core drilling.

Our training program covers a wide range of construction knowledge to prepare trainees for all situations they might encounter in the field. Other GPR companies train their employees using only a one-day training provided by the GPR equipment provider. We are the only scanning company to provide comprehensive training on various slabs, ground conditions, and other industry-specific knowledge before our students begin field work. Trainees are evaluated on their knowledge and given personalized instruction in order to help them to succeed.

• Further time spent shadowing a local Project Manager. Once our trainees have attended the classroom training, they are able to start performing field work under the shadow of an experienced Project Manager. This allows for the benefit of hands-on learning while ensuring that the new team member understands all information needed to succeed in this role. Weak points and issues can be immediately evaluated and handled before a new hire “graduates” to a solitary field role as Project Manager.

GPRS provides opportunities for ongoing learning and advancement through continuing education. After their initial training, team members focus on building their portfolio and knowledge base through completion of successful scans. They advance to Project Manager positions in which they are able to work on their own, without the need for a shadow. After demonstrating success in a Project Manager role the opportunity is given for additional training at our headquarters. In this advanced training Project Managers learn techniques which enable them to take on more responsibility within their role and to potentially move into leadership positions.

Jamie Althauser, Training Director                

  • Over 12 years experience both in the field and classroom setting.
  • Wide range of field experience- got his start in industrial areas like Cleveland and Pittsburgh, then worked his way out west to the larger markets of Southern California.
  • Has mentored and trained 15 new team members in the field, and over 100 in the classroom.
  • Jamie’s coaching mentality and complete understanding of GPRS’s culture and methods have enabled him to succeed in conveying his knowledge to the new generation of GPRS Team Members.