GPRS Delivers As-Builts in SiteMap for The University of Toledo

GPRS Delivers As-Builts in SiteMap for The University of Toledo

As the University of Toledo’s Facilities and Construction team improves the campus with new capital construction projects, they realize the importance of GPRS as-built data in SiteMap®.

The University of Toledo (UToledo) has created a Campus Master Plan, which includes an extensive list of construction and renovation projects, planned to transform existing assets and construct new buildings to meet the University’s goals. Those goals include:

  • Position physical assets for long-term fiscal sustainability
  • Increase facility utilization and efficiency
  • Improve environmental sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Preserve and restore iconic buildings and exterior spaces
  • Increase student satisfaction and retention

Since its establishment in 1872, UToledo has expanded to include more than 100 major buildings, with a combined area of more than 1,000 acres.

Construction Projects on UToledo Campus

The Campus Master Plan includes the following construction and renovation projects:

  • University Hall repurpose and renovation
  • Academic and laboratory renovations
  • Construction of a new research building
  • Union and library renovations
  • Student housing new building construction & renovations
  • Athletics consolidation and improvements, plus a new outdoor recreational complex
  • Resurfacing parking lots and replacing concrete sidewalks
  • Construction of a pedestrian bridge

The plans for this large-scale construction and renovation project include structural renovations, electrical and mechanical system improvements, underground utility infrastructure improvements, exterior building envelope and building reinforcement, building automation system upgrades, emergency power and elevator safety upgrades, and reverse osmosis water system upgrades, among many others.

Along with these major projects, the campus is constantly completing small renovation and maintenance projects. Although there are many phases of project development, a large portion of the renovation project is estimated at a budget of $22.5 million.

UToledo will be able to better manage renovations and upgrades with GPRS’ GIS platform, SiteMap®. SiteMap® will allow UToledo to quickly access, view, and share their infrastructure data securely with subcontractors, engineers, and every member of the design and construction team. All of the utility, structural, water & sewer, and campus information can be uploaded into the SiteMap® Map Viewer and Digital Plan Room.

GPRS at The University of Toledo
UToledo will be able to better manage renovations and upgrades with GPRS’ GIS platform, SiteMap®.

Dan Perry Leads Construction and Renovation Services

Dan Perry is UToledo’s Director of Facilities Operations. Dan and his team provide plant maintenance services and distribution systems, along with construction and renovation services, to the main campus of the University. The areas he oversees include structural, electrical, and mechanical maintenance, as well as grounds.

Perry’s job at the University encompasses complex systems – everything from electrical and telecom, to life safety, building operations, and construction project management. He leads collaboration, planning, management, and execution alongside many partners, including the construction team, engineers, and municipalities.

UToledo did not have accurate as-built data for its 150-year-old campus. Paper plans existed; however, they were out-of-date and needed to be manually located and analyzed. If UToledo utilized these out-of-date paper plans for construction planning, they take the risk of the dimensions being off and utilities not being routed as seen on the plans. This could lead to costly mistakes and endangering the safety of the team and community. The construction team desired accurate as-builts to reference for project updates and renovations.

Damaging Utility Strikes on Campus

The University has suffered several damaging utility strikes, including a gas line strike, and costly pressurized water leaks in recent years due to inaccurate underground information.

Regarding the gas line strike Perry said, “We knew [the gas line] was nearby, our prints kind of showed it. We were drilling a hole right next to it, and we heard the hissing. It happened very quickly. A project had to stop, we lost gas to about four buildings on the campus, shut down our Student Union and our dining facility, for about eight hours… It was an awful feeling.”

With the amount of construction planned for UToledo’s campus, partnering with GPRS provided precise above and below ground as-built data to facilitate design planning and collaboration. This minimizes the risk of hitting a buried utility line and costly change orders as they make improvements to the campus.

"We do a lot of digging around here. Whether it's through new projects or we have leaks somewhere that we got to dig, we want to make sure we mark any utilities, so we don't get into some of the unknowns as we dig," explained Perry.

GPRS Partners with UToledo

In 2021, UToledo partnered with GPRS to generate accurate subsurface utility as-builts of their entire campus to plan for upgrades and expansions, minimize disruptions and shut-downs, and keep construction workers safe.

Before working with GPRS, UT utilized a standard wand to detect underground utilities. The wand had limitations and room for error, which could lead to striking a utility line, causing injuries to workers, shutting down buildings, and cancelling classes.

In 2022, UToledo partnered with GPRS for complete as-built services of the 1,000 acre campus, including utility locating, concrete scanning and imaging, 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, leak detection, drone photogrammetry, and mapping & modeling services.

As-builts capture accurate layout and measurements for a campus, structure or space, information that is critical for construction and renovation projects. This data will provide UToledo with a foundational resource, allowing the team to make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of the Campus Master Plan.

GPRS Services for UToledo

  1. UTILITY LOCATING with ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology and electromagnetic (EM) imaging technology identified and marked the location of all underground utility lines, pipes, and cables such as electric, natural gas, water, communication, steam, sanitary and storm sewer, and other buried utility lines with paint, flags, and other appropriate means. GPRS delivered precise information of the type, location, depth, and layout of all underground utilities on campus.
  2. CONCRETE SCANNING with GPR and EM locating equipment identified the exact position and orientation of objects embedded in concrete on campus, including post tension cables, rebar, utilities, conduits, and pipes. This information arms the construction team with precise concrete layout when preparing to cut, core, drill, or anchor into concrete.
  3. 3D LASER SCANNERS were used to capture structural, architectural, and MEP features of existing buildings, plus underground utility and concrete markings, delivering an overall site plan with exact building dimensions, locations, and layout.
  4. 3D PHOTOGRAMMETRY created a virtual tour of campus, plus a floorplan with the 4K HDR photographs it captures. The University can utilize Pro-Cap or Progressive Construction reality capture to track the evolution of the construction progress, monitor milestones, and ensure that work is proceeding according to schedule.
  5. VIDEO PIPE INSPECTION (VPI) assessed and documented the campus’s existing sewer system condition and functionality, to remedy any problems and reroute drains, if needed during the campus renovations.  
  6. MAPPING & MODELING services delivered 2D CAD subsurface utility maps, concrete imaging, leak detection and video pipe inspection reports, virtual tours, and a 3D BIM model, delivering a complete as-built campus map and model.
  7. SITEMAP®, a cloud-based GPRS software platform, provided UT with complete accurate as-built data in 2D utility maps, concrete imaging results, 2D CAD drawings, leak detection and video pipe inspection reports, 3D photogrammetry, and an integrated 3D BIM model to deliver a complete and accurate digital twin of the campus above and below ground.
GPRS Utility Locating Services
UToledo partnered with GPRS to generate accurate as-builts of their entire campus.

What Are the Benefits of SiteMap®?

SiteMap® will provide UToledo accurate as-built data in one secure central location to manage the construction and renovation projects on campus, from planning and bidding, to physical construction and completion.

Perry stated, “The definition, the detail you provide with SiteMap’s® data is so much better than anything we’ve had.”

The University now has accurate, complete, and updated as-builts – all tagged, geolocated, and cross-referenced for seamless facility management. This will allow the construction team to have an organized single source of truth, minimizing the risks and change orders associated with operations and maintenance, as well as planning for future projects and expansions.

If you’d like more information about GPRS & SiteMap’s® geospatial solutions for facility mapping and management, click here.

University of Toledo SiteMap
SiteMap® will provide UToledo accurate as-built data in one secure central location to manage the construction and renovation projects on campus, from planning and bidding, to physical construction and completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Utility Maps Delivered?

Utility field marking are delivered in .pdf, .kmz. and .dwg maps. Job summary reports are available in SiteMap®, along with other applicable maps, models, and drawings that GPRS’ Mapping & Modeling Team creates to meet our customers’ needs.

How is GPRS Different Than Similar Firms?

GPRS is in pursuit of a world with 100% subsurface damage prevention. Our 99.8% accuracy rate for ground penetrating radar (GPR), utility locating, utility mapping, concrete scanning, and concrete imaging will locate critical targets like subsurface utilities, post tension cables, rebar, conduits, underground storage tanks (USTs), and more to help keep your project on time, on budget, and safe. Our NASSCO-certified video pipe inspection (CCTV) & leak detection services find pipe defects, blocks, and leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Our 3D Laser Scanning services and 3D Photogrammetry services deliver up-to-date and accurate construction as-builts, existing condition drawings, 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, 3D mesh models, digital twins, point clouds, updated floorplans, and more are invaluable for construction design, prefabrication, clash detection, facility modifications, and asset management.

Read our Statement of Qualifications document to learn about all the attributes that make GPRS the industry leader.

Can You Tell Me More About SiteMap®?

GPRS’ cloud-based infrastructure mapping software houses all the data we collect on your site, and the custom maps and models our Mapping & Modeling Team creates for you with that data, to become a single source of truth for your facility or campus, allowing you to plan, design, manage, dig, and ultimately build better. SiteMap®, allows you to quickly access, view, and share your infrastructure data securely with subcontractors, engineers, and your team. All of your utility, structural, water & sewer, and facility information is uploaded into the SiteMap® Map Viewer and Digital Plan Room.

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