GPRS Customers: Unlock the Power of Your Complimentary SiteMap® Personal Subscription

GPRS Customers: Unlock the Power of Your Complimentary SiteMap® Personal Subscription

With GPRS' new technology, SiteMap® (patent pending), customers are able to locate and map all their utilities, even long forgotten and abandoned lines, water pipes, and sanitary sewer lines. This powerful tool has the potential to revolutionize how we approach construction projects and facility management.

How SiteMap® Personal Works

With a SiteMap® personal subscription, users have access to an innovative offering that empowers construction, architectural, and engineering professionals as well as facility managers. This comprehensive facility and infrastructure visualization and data management software platform utilizes GPR and other subsurface technologies to locate and visualize utility lines, providing precise locations to avoid any disruptions during construction or renovations.

The Benefits of SiteMap® Personal

The benefits of utilizing SiteMap® Personal are endless. With access to a wide range of features and tools tailored specifically for those who require GPR and other subsurface technologies, this software platform is a valuable asset in the construction industry, facility and municipal management, and even archaeology. By utilizing GPR and complimentary technologies to locate where modern infrastructure meets historical remnants, SiteMap® Personal can aid in identifying the layers of utility infrastructure below your site, facility, or town.

With SiteMap® Personal, managing project data has never been easier. This platform simplifies the ordering and administration of your vital project data, saving you precious time and resources. Additionally, it provides sophisticated data analysis capabilities, stimulating collaboration and communication within your team. What's more, the platform is endlessly adaptable, allowing you to craft an environment that reflects your team's collective expertise and reduces misunderstandings.

The returns of a SiteMap® Personal membership are significant, offering streamlined data management, complex data analysis, frictionless collaboration, and full customization. It is the go-to resource for professionals in facility management, construction, engineering, architecture, among others.

Embarking on your SiteMap® Personal journey is straightforward - reach out to GPRS to get a deeper understanding of our services and to arrange an appointment with a Project Manager from our nationwide network. Upon job completion, you can set up your SiteMap® Personal account complimentary, granting you access to your underground data. Safely stored in the cloud, your data is available for you at your convenience.

GPRS recognizes the pivotal role of technology in construction and facility infrastructure projects. Subscriptions to SiteMap® Personal unlock a realm of opportunities for professionals to fully exploit their data's potential. Get in touch with GPRS today and discover how a SiteMap® Personal subscription can drastically elevate your project.

The Possibilities With SiteMap® Personal

With a SiteMap® personal subscription, users have access to an innovative offering that empowers construction, architectural, and engineering professionals as well as facility managers. This powerful tool allows for precise location mapping of utility lines, making it possible to avoid any disruptions during construction or renovations. The possibilities for control and safety are nearly endless with SiteMap® Personal.

Two construction workers looking at data via a mobile device.
Real-time underground utility mapping data at your fingertips 24/7 with SitepMap®, powered by GPRS

Efficient Data Management

SiteMap® Personal offers a user-friendly solution for organizing and managing project and site data. With seamless accessibility across devices, users can effortlessly view, interact with, store, and share project data, streamlining workflows and saving valuable time. The intuitive user interface serves as a reliable repository of site assets, catering to different subscription levels. Inadequate data management can hinder operational efficiency by 21%; therefore, investing in an efficient data management solution and GIS platform becomes crucial in today's world.

Advanced Data Analysis

Nurture collaboration and communication within your team, fostering a culture of connected construction. The significance of data in shaping our surroundings cannot be overstated, especially in utility sectors. According to a study conducted by AWWA, 63% of utilities engage to some extent in using GIS management software to assess pipe conditions. However, only 13% utilize advanced conditions and techniques, while 50% rely on historic break data. Through AWWA's findings, it was revealed that utilities leveraging GIS management tools experienced a 30% reduction in water service interruptions.

Sophisticated data analysis equips you with a deeper understanding of the subsurface, aiding in better planning, problem-solving, and construction, both above and below the ground. Enhanced data analysis facilitates efficiency, progress, and heightened safety. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive data platform that fuels advanced data analysis among your teams.

Segmentation of data often provides the clearest insights. GPRS offers valuable data gathering methods like Video Pipe (CCTV) Inspection to assist in this process. Our NASSCO certified Project Managers excel in locating clogs, investigating cross bores, identifying structural faults and damages, as well as conducting lateral sewer line inspections. All GPRS VPI Project Managers undergo NASSCO training and certification, providing interactive WinCan reports for pipe inspections. These reports, including video files and photos, can be conveniently stored and accessed within SiteMap®.

Effortless Collaboration

When you avail GPRS services, you gain access to a SiteMap® account that houses all the data collected for your project. This encompasses interactive utility mapping, real-time subsurface data, as-builts, and more, catering to your specific needs.

SiteMap® as it appears on a desktop and in the mobile application
SiteMap® is a cloud-based infrastructure data management platform designed to meet the specific needs of those in construction, facility management, and related industries

Who Can Benefit from SiteMap® Personal?

SiteMap® Personal subscriptions cater to a wide range of professionals who want to leverage the power of infrastructure data technology and control, including:

  • Facility Managers
  • Construction Executives
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Virtual Design Consultants (VDCs)
  • General Contractors
  • Utility Locators & Contractors
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Surveyors
  • Construction Project Managers
  • And more

From nationwide GIS and GPR data implementation to ensuring safety on your jobsite before breaking ground, the data produced by GPRS and delivered through SiteMap® is revolutionizing the world of design, construction, and facility management. Numerous sectors can benefit from utilizing SiteMap® and GPRS to enhance their development and data storage infrastructure. The possibilities are limitless.

Getting Started

Unlocking the potential of SiteMap® Personal is a straightforward process:

Every GPRS customer receives a complimentary SiteMap® Personal subscription.

So, if you have existing utility locating, or other data inside SiteMap® you can access it by creating your personal account here:

If you have not already hired GPRS to provide you with utility or subsurface infrastructure data, you can get our 99.8% accurate utility locating services and complete facility visualization services here.  

Schedule service with one of our elite team of 500 nationwide Project Managers.

Following the completion of your job, you can immediately create your complimentary SiteMap® Personal account to gain access to your 99.8% accurate subsurface data – typically within five minutes.

Users will always have access to their data, depending on their subscription type, as it is safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed by the user and designated team members at any time. Unlike traditional filing cabinets or briefcases from years ago, there's no risk of losing your data, and it's easy to share, read, and analyze.

At GPRS, we recognize the importance of technology in driving success and efficiency in construction and facility infrastructure projects. SiteMap® Personal subscriptions go beyond accessing a platform; they unlock a realm of possibilities, empowering professionals to maximize the potential of their data. Your project matters, and so does your data. With SiteMap®, accessing your data has never been simpler, whether it's from EM imaging, GPR, leak detection services, 3D laser scanning, or any other service we offer. We're here to help you Visualize the Built World®, one project at a time.

Contact us today to learn more about how a SiteMap® Personal subscription can fuel your project's success.