GPRS Culture Questions Answered - Part 3

Part 3: Commitment to Quality - Interview with Chris Moore

At GPRS, we push our team members to remain humble and open to learning. We don’t ask for perfection but we do ask for consistent development. Team members must be willing to learn and grow- not only for themselves, but for the GPRS family.

How does GPRS remain continually committed to providing the highest quality services?                

First and foremost, GPRS hires team members who are prepared to uphold our commitment to accuracy and craftsmanship. Our team members undergo a rigorous training process in which they receive 2+ months of hands-on training, both in the field and at our training facility. GPRS team members ascribe to a rigorous standard operating procedure for our field work. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest industry standards and methodologies, in order to remain at the forefront of what we do.

Does GPRS follow a standard operating procedure/ how does GPRS ensure consistency?                

GPRS team members follow a standard operating procedure designed specifically for our industry. This procedure is outlined by the Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM). SIM provides a detailed “road map” for us to follow when performing concrete scanning and utility locating. The SIM process was created by individuals with extensive industry knowledge and field experience, and acts to ensure that the most precise methods and procedures are used on each locate.

What key actions have helped GPRS to become the #1 GPR service provider in the country?                

Providing our customers with a sensational experience has been the basis of all that we do. We pride ourselves on the level of attention and responsiveness given to each project, regardless of size. Individualized support means that our customers are able to develop relationships with their local Project Managers, and to receive the level of service they require. Our dedication to safety and quality means thinking one step ahead of our customers to anticipate project needs that may go beyond our scope of work. It’s our goal to exceed customer’s expectations and to ensure they can continue their job safely and efficiently.


Chris Moore, Vice President of Administration


Chris Moore, Vice President of Administration  

In 13 years at GPRS, Chris Moore has worked his way from a field position up to his current role as Vice President of Administration. This experience has given him a firsthand understanding of the company’s culture and has enabled him to relay that message to others.  Chris represents GPRS core values by sharing his vast knowledge and using it for both personal advancement as well as the future of GPRS.

Curious To Learn More About How We Achieve A 99.8% Accuracy Rating?

We standardized our team’s approach to Subsurface Investigation Methodology. Known as the GPRS SIM program, we combined the greatest technology with the best practices in analysis to train all of our personnel to become SIM Certified.
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