GPRS 3D Laser Scans Hollywood Stage for Xbox Show

GPRS 3D Laser Scans Hollywood Stage for Xbox Show

On June 12, 2022, video gamers around the world tuned into a 90-minute online showcase of titles coming to the Microsoft Xbox family of consoles throughout the next year.

When they weren’t drooling over what they’d soon be playing, the gamers were entertained by a rotating cast of Xbox executives and developers standing in a studio that was repeatedly transformed by augmented reality.

One minute, the hosts were walking through a swirl of blue and green hues as the Xbox logo hovered behind them. The next, they stood on sun-drenched asphalt as the background displayed the Forza Motorsport logo hovering over a grandstand.

Screenshot of the Xbox game showcase.
Click the image above to watch the Xbox game showcase.

The hosts were really standing in a Hollywood film studio, in front of an LED wall panel system. The virtual reality experience overlayed on this physical space was the product of a collaboration between a third-party company and GPRS’ 3D laser scanning, and mapping & modeling divisions.

GPRS was tasked with scanning both the studio stage and the LED wall panel system behind it to provide our client with an accurate representation of the environment so they could tie virtual reality into the real world.

The goal of this project was to make the video game showcase as entertaining as possible, ensuring all eyes stayed glued on Microsoft’s upcoming titles. Video games are a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it’s more challenging than ever to stand out from the crowd of developers and publishers.

Augmented reality has become a popular way to “dress up” presentations, ad campaigns, television broadcasts, and more. And 3D laser scanning companies like GPRS aid those preparing these experiences by equipping them with hyper-accurate virtual models of the spaces in which they will be working.

GPRS uses a variety of 3D laser scanners to visualize our clients’ spaces.

The Leica P-Series ScanStation allows for 2-4mm accurate point cloud capture and HDR imaging so we can measure large and complex sites in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

The Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner is a powerful, mid-range scanner that provides 2-6mm accuracy. With a scan rate of 2 million data points per second, it allows our Project Managers to capture colorized point cloud and HDR imagery of an entire site within minutes.

“Our laser scanners are able to accurately capture a wide array of interior and exterior settings, which in turn provide a scalable environment for graphic designers to accurately match their VR installations,” explained GPRS 3D Laser Scanning Service Line Leader, Nate Baker. “The Leica RTC 360’s onboard camera also captures high-definition photos in addition to the laser measurement, so site conditions can be clearly visualized to aid in the graphic rendering.”

3D laser scan data of a Hollywood stage.
Every surface of the LED panels on the wall, and the floor of the stage needed to be 3D modeled and converted to a 3D mesh file to be utilized in the virtual reality experience.

For the Xbox project, every surface of the LED panels on the wall and floor of the stage needed to be 3D modeled and converted to a 3D mesh file to be utilized in the virtual reality experience.

LED walls are large, high-resolution displays consisting of multiple LED tiles that are seamlessly joined together to form a single, continuous screen. In this case, the LED video display served as the backdrop on which the virtual reality experience was placed.

Because the display is curved, it would have been difficult to accurately measure using traditional methods. 3D laser scanning, however, allows for the quick, easy, and accurate assessment of site features of all shapes and sizes.

GPRS’ mapping & modeling team took the data collected on site by our Project Managers and used it to model a highly detailed 3D mesh file of the stage and LED wall. This allowed our client to accurately map out the virtual environments they displayed on the stage and wall during the show.

To date, the showcase has 4.2 million views on YouTube.

GPRS 3D laser scanning services ensure you have all the information you need to get the job done right. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art scanners at their disposal, our Project Managers can quickly and accurately visualize your project site, be it a small, interior space like Microsoft’s stage or a larger facility such as an airport or a stadium. Additionally, we can scan and obtain accurate measurements of hard-to-reach spaces, and areas that are dangerous for people to assess with traditional methods.

Once the data is collected, our mapping and modeling team will work to provide clear and understandable models tailored to the client’s specific needs. From a simple GPS-enabled locating map of your utility locate to complete CAD drawings, or a full 3D point cloud and BIM model after a 3D laser scan, our mapping and modeling team turns your built world into easily accessible and accurate data. In fact, GPRS provides a complimentary PDF and .KMZ file on every outdoor utility locate we do.

Whether you’re a general contractor who knows time is money ¬– and cannot afford to lose either one to costly change orders and delays – or an engineer who relies on absolute data precision for your design and modeling needs, GPRS provides you with the data you need to Intelligently Visualize The Built World™ while staying on time, on budget, and safe.

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