Concrete Scanner Equipment Rental

Renting Concrete Scanning Equipment Comes With Many Risks To Be Considered

Renting Concrete Scanning Equipment Comes with Many Risks to be Considered

When cutting and coring concrete slabs, there is the possibility of damage or injury. Prior to the concrete coring or concrete saw cutting process taking place, contractors are forced to ask the question, “how can I keep the property and people on my site safe?”. There are many options to consider as it relates to damage prevention. Often, concrete scanning equipment rental or GPR rental or ground penetrating radar equipment rental seems like an easy option to mitigate risk or damages.

Concrete Scanner Equipment Rental
Concrete Scanner Equipment Rental

While the basic cost of renting a GPR system may seem to be cheaper than buying scanning equipment or hiring a concrete scanning service company, there are several factors to consider.

1. When you rent concrete imaging equipment, this includes the basic assumption that these tools are as easy to use as a hammer or drill. When GPR equipment is rented, this is simply not the case. The industry standard for training on ground penetrating radar equipment (Brie LINK)  is a minimum of 2 months (field training and mentorship, GPR theory, classroom training, test slabs, and real-world scanning scenarios). When a concrete scanner is rented, there is no way that the proper training can take place. The result? The rental of GPR equipment may directly result in damage to post tension cables in elevated concrete decks, electrical conduits in concrete slabs, rebar in cast-in-place slabs and could even result in injury or the saw operator or nearby workers.

2. These same risks exist for those who choose to go the route of buying GPR equipment instead of hiring a respected concrete imaging company.

3. The next factor to consider is the rate of production. When renting ground penetrating radar instead of hiring a GPR service provider, you are sacrificing on the speed of information. In construction, time is money. When concrete scanner rental is the route taken (without proper training) the project can drag on as the operator learns how to turn on, calibrate, scan, interpret, and mark subsurface items with the rented GPR equipment. Concrete xray service companies (BRIE LINK) like GPRS can typically respond to most job sites within 24 hours. When a contractor chooses to rent concrete scanners, they are choosing to delay the process while they wait for shipping or rental contracts to be executed. Hiring a “GPR service provider near me” is likely going to save money for the project as most projects can be completed in one day or less. Renting concrete imaging equipment will result in multiple days paid in rental fees as the operator fumbles through getting the machine to work and then attempting to determine safe areas to core or cut the concrete.

The Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) system used by GPRS ensures that you are getting the most safe, accurate and efficient concrete scan in the industry. Our approach to training, equipment and methodology cannot be replicated when the choice is made to rent concrete scanners, rent GPR equipment or rent ground penetrating radar tools.

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