Advantages of Electromagnetic Utility Locating

Benefits and Uses for Nondestructive Utility Locating

Advantages of Electromagnetic Utility Locating

Benefits and Uses for Nondestructive Utility Locating

Ground Penetrating Radar Services provides a full suite of electromagnetic locating services, designed to help provide your team with the most accurate real time mark outs possible. Our project managers are the best in the industry at scanning and locating subsurface utility lines and hazards. We provide the information to help keep your team safe and keep you from spending on unnecessary repairs.

We use state-of-the-art electromagnetic locating technology to locate utility lines, sewer lines, pipelines, energized electrical and telecommunications duct banks, and other subsurface hazards that may impede your excavation project. Our private utility locating project managers have advanced training in a variety of subsurface locating techniques, on a wide variety of surfaces, to provide you with accurate and complete mark outs.

Benefits and Uses for Nondestructive Utility Locating
Nondestructive Utility Locating

7 Reasons to Use Electromagnetic Locating on your Next Project


Non-Destructive Locating:                

Electromagnetic locating is 100% safe and non-destructive to the lines being located, which means you can get a full layout of what’s beneath the surface of your job site without ever lifting a shovel. Take the extra step and save your team time and money in potential costly repairs.


Measuring Utility Line Depth:                

Electromagnetic locating isn’t just for finding buried utility lines. It can also help measure the depth of certain utility lines if our technicians can connect to a metallic conductor, such as a tracer wire or a metal pipe above surface, like a valve or hydrant. Keep your excavation team safe by giving them a full picture of what’s below the surface before you start digging.


Excavation Progress Monitoring:                

Whether it’s an excavation or drilling project, your crew needs to know where they’re at in the process to make sure they hit the desired excavation depth without striking a buried utility. Electromagnetic locating can safely and effectively provide real time location of nearby utilities, and can help your team steer guided digging tools such as bore heads and backhoe buckets.


Finding Utility Access Points:                

Not only does electromagnetic locating find buried utilities by passively sweeping without any connection points, it can also locate unknown or lost access points within those lines if used with a sewer camera. Sewer, non-metallic ducts and most pipes all have critical points of access, and electromagnetic locating with a sewer camera can help locate them for your team.


Accurate on Nearly Any surface:

From concrete slabs to soil and clay, and even over water, electromagnetic locating can work in almost any condition. Our project managers are trained to handle locating on a wide variety of surfaces. Even inside buildings or in congested environments, GPRS has the tools and equipment to provide critical subsurface information on your project site


Extreme Portability and Flexibility:              

Electromagnetic locating technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Today’s tools have become even more flexible and portable, allowing project managers to scan tight conditions, confined quarters and other areas that might have been previously inaccessible.


Tracing a Target Line:

GPRS project managers can also trace a target line for your team to either avoid or follow. GPRS has the capabilities to trace a specific target line for up to 1 mile from any connection point using the best transmitters in the industry. It is not uncommon for GPRS to trace specific lines for miles and miles on energy, transmission, and telecommunications type projects across the US.


If you’re planning an excavation or drilling project and need better information about the subsurface utilities on your job site, the electromagnetic locating services of GPRS can help. We have project managers in all major US metro areas, and often can be on your job site in hours. Trust GPRS project managers to scan, locate and help your team avoid potential underground utility lines and hazards.      

Note: GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services.  If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.