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How Is GPRS Different Than Similar Firms?

The GPRS difference goes much deeper than a simple FAQ. Please, read our Statement of Qualifications document to learn about all the attributes that make GPRS the industry leader.

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Does GPRS Purchase Used Equipment?

Yes, we buy used equipment from other GPR companies. Please call our corporate office at 419-843-9804, and we would be happy to discuss equipment sales. We routinely service and calibrate equipment to ensure the most accurate results for your project.

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What Are Your Rates For Different Services?

Please visit our sales page to request a quote.

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Does GPRS Perform S.U.E. Work?

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) reduces the risk and improves the accuracy of subsurface utility readings. It is broken down into four levels of quality, governed by ASCE Standard 38-02. GPRS provides private utility locating services but does not currently provide a fully comprehensive in-house SUE service. GPRS does not provide engineering services. If you need professional engineering services, please contact a professional engineer.

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How Does GPRS Ensure Quality Of Service?

At GPRS, we’re experts at utility locating, leak detection, VPI services, and concrete scanning. All our team members undergo a rigorous training program to ensure they are well prepared to meet your project's needs. GPRS has implemented SIM (Subsurface Investigation Methodology) to ensure quality and accuracy. This is an industry-standard comprehensive specification detailing training methods, equipment usage, and means of minimizing error when performing subsurface investigations.

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What Qualities Set GPRS Team Members Apart?

GPRS strongly believes that the key to our success is our incredible team. GPRS looks for certain qualities that set us apart from the competition when hiring new team members. Our strong sense of integrity, proven competency in our field, and commitment to our customers are just a few of the qualities which make GPRS a cut above the rest.

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What Type Of Training Do Your Project Managers Go Through?

Each of our Project Managers goes through a three-month training process. This training includes two weeks at our Training Center, located at our corporate headquarters in Toledo, OH. The GPRS Training Center has ~6,000 square feet of dedicated test slab created to simulate most conditions encountered in the field. This test slab has buried utilities within it to provide an immersive test experience. Our Director of Training and a field expert, partner to lead our comprehensive training program. Each trainee is paired with an experienced Project Manager gaining in the field training as well as a two-week-long hands-on classroom experience. This program enables the trainees to grow in knowledge and confidence.

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Is GPRS Available To Work At Night Or On The Weekend?

At GPRS, we pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to meet your scheduling needs. We are willing to work nights and weekends, in addition to regular working hours, to help you accomplish the goals of your project. Don't hesitate to contact your local GPRS representative for rates and schedule availability.

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What Is The Farthest GPRS Will Travel To Reach A Site?

GPRS provides nationwide Ground Penetrating Radar services with offices in every major city from coast to coast. Simply put, we are willing to do what it takes to serve your project’s needs, including travel.

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How Quickly Can You Respond To An Emergency Need?

We can have a Project Manager on your site within 24 hours in most circumstances. Click here for an online quote form.

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Why Should I Choose GPRS Over A Similar Company?

GPRS is a leader in the field of subsurface scanning. Our focus on private utility locating and concrete scanning has enabled us to become highly specialized within these fields.

One key difference between GPRS and our competitors is the total area we can accurately scan within a given time. Rigorous training enables our Project Managers to work efficiently and meticulously to provide you with the information you need quickly.

Contact us today to experience the GPRS difference yourself.

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GPRS does not investigate, analyze, or interpret soil composition, soil conditions, or geological or geophysical information. GPRS reports retrieved data and does NOT provide geophysical, geological, engineering, or land surveying services. Please contact a professional in those fields if such services are needed.