A Project Manager Using Ground Penetrating Radar
Utility Locating

GPRS accurately locates underground utilities and obstructions to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their subsurface infrastructure to maintain project safety


Using professional-grade laser scanners, we can document the as-built conditions of a space with 2-4mm accuracy.

Concrete Imaging

We protect clients by detecting embedded utilities and structural elements embedded in concrete before clients cut, core, or drill into a structure

A Project Manager Deploying A CCTV Robotic Video Pipe Inspection Camera
Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection is a service used to inspect water, sewer, and lateral pipelines. We use VPI to investigate cross-bores, structural faults and damages, and lateral lines

A Project Manager Marking Located Underground Utilities for GPS Mapping
Mapping & Modeling

Our Mapping & Modeling department can take your communication and documentation to the next level by delivering GPS satellite image overlays, CAD files, and 3D modeling


Our state-of-the-art drones, equipped with an array of cameras, have the ability to identify malfunctions that impact facility performance, in addition to void detection, electrical inspection, and UAS magnetic imaging

A Project Manager Using An Electromagnetic Utility Locating Device

GPRS accurately locates underground utilities and obstructions to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their subsurface infrastructure to maintain project safety

A Project Manager Using an Elephant Foot and Microphone for Acoustic Leak Detection
Leak Detection

Leak Detection services help municipalities, utilities, and industrial facilities maintain safe, efficient water distribution within a domestic supply network and fire protection systems

Safety is always on our radar logo.

Intelligently Visualizing The Built World™

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is the nation’s leading company providing complete facility visualization. Our services include public and private utility locating, 3D laser scanning, acoustic leak detection, CCTV video pipe inspecting, underground storage tank (UST) locating, concrete scanning, and drone imaging.

GPRS is Intelligently Visualizing The Built World™ by mastering every aspect of facility locating, mapping, and modeling. Our 2D and 3D Mapping & Modeling Team executes a wide variety of drawings, maps, and models for the construction, architectural, and engineering industries.

Our company continues to provide 99.8%+ accuracy in public and private utility locating and post-tension concrete scanning, just as we have since 2001.

Our nationwide network of expert Project Managers covers every major U.S. market. We have completed over 350,000 locates for nearly every industrial, environmental, and residential purpose imaginable, so there is always a highly trained underground locating specialist near you.

Whether you need a NASSCO certified Video Pipe Inspection of a single facility or a sewer inspection for an entire municipality, a private utility locate to update fiberoptic cable location, post-tension concrete scans of a hospital, or a top-down 3D BIM model walkthrough of a historic building, GPRS delivers with elite service, SIM Certified and trained Project Managers, and a commitment to safety that is unmatched in the construction and locating world.

What can GPRS help you visualize? Get a quote or schedule your service below.


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Illustration of Underground Utility Locating


Private utility locating is vital to any construction, excavation, or renovation project. 811 One Call services locate public utility lines, but do not provide depths for them. Nor do they detect or locate private utilities. Our private utility locating services employ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic locators, CCTV Video Cameras, Acoustic leak locators and other equipment to scan for subsurface utilities, including depths and GPS mapping, saving time, money, and even lives by avoiding utility strikes to protect & all site employees and contractors from potential line strike damages. GPRS provides complimentary .KMZ files for all of our exterior utility locating projects.
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Illustration of Subsurface Pipeline Locating


The majority of pipe defects occur underground in buried pipe that can only be accessed by excavation or CCTV cameras via a Video Pipe Inspection (VPI). GPRS deploys both robotic crawler CCTV cameras and lateral launch cameras and push cameras to document and assess water systems, drains, and conduct sewer inspections without costly excavation. Our NASSCO certified WinCan VPI reports provide clients the exact location, photo, video, and map of each defect, cross-referenced and tagged with a defect severity level. This allows our clients to visualize every inch of water and sewer pipe with in their system and to create comprehensive repair and maintenance plans to repair pipe damage in the most cost-effective manner possible.
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Illustration of Post-tension Concrete With Utility Lines


Any project involving post-tension or slab-on-grade concrete contains an inherent risk of costly damage and/or injury when you core or cut into the slab. Rebar, conduit, and post-tension cables pose significant strike risks, and each has its own unique GPR imaging signature. GPRS’ concrete scanning service provides digital concrete scanning with ground penetrating radar (GPR) to accurately pinpoint the location of each hazard and map it in detail, so there is never a question of where you can cut and where you can’t. Unlike concrete x-ray services, GPR concrete imaging does not require you to close off sections of your site to avoid radiation. In most cases, your work can continue while we scan and locate slab reinforcement and conduits with 99.8%+ accuracy, so that you can safely cut and drill.

GPRS guarantees our accuracy and your safety with our exclusive Green Box Guarantee. Read about our Green Box Guarantee
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The #1 way to avoid costly change orders, clashes, and downtime in the construction and renovation planning, is to hire a professional 3D laser scanning company to execute accurate digital maps of as-built conditions to provide drawings, maps, models, and even a true digital twin.

GPRS' 3D Laser Scanning Services eliminate time-consuming manual measurements by capturing as-builts with millimeter accuracy at up to two million data points per second to create point clouds, maps, CAD drawings, and 3D BIM models for the engineering, design, construction, architectural, oil & gas, facility, management, multimedia, historical preservation, education, healthcare, water, energy, and utility industries.

We utilize the most responsive software to provide a wide variety of maps and models, and even 3D walkthrough tours of your site.  
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Illustration of Locating an Item on a Map


Complete facility visualization is impossible without accurate documentation. That’s why GPRS provides complimentary high-resolution maps in the form of PDF, KMZ, and SHP files with every outdoor utility locating project we perform.

‍We offer fully integrated reality capture with 3D laser scanning, concrete scanning, outdoor and interior utility locating, Video PipeInspection via CCTV, and drone imagery to provide point clouds, 2D & 3D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, 3D mesh models, photogrammetry, and customized 3D BIM model walkthroughs, depending on our clients’ needs.

We are the only company able to provide complete top-down imaging, mapping, and modeling of any facility, above and below ground to fully Visualize The Built World™ for our clients nationwide.
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Illustration of Leaking Underground Pipe


GPRS Leak Detection Services can quickly pinpoint a known leak when a problem is identified in municipal water or sewer infrastructure or for an industrial facility. We can also proactively search for leaks in domestic water and fire systems, and complete Water Loss Surveys to locate problems before they are evident and costly.

Acoustic leak detection is aided by leak correlation to provide accurate, real-time verification of an active breach and can be integrated with our Video Pipe Inspection Services and utility locating to improve commercial, industrial, and municipal water infrastructure efficiency, and avoid unnecessary excavation. At GPRS we are the best leak locators in the industry because we are backed by the power of our 99.8% accurate underground utility locating process.

What is ground penetrating radar?

You cannot avoid what you cannot see. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-invasive locating tool that allows our SIM Certified Project Managers to scan post-tension concrete for conduit, rebar, and other encased objects, and to effectively locate utility lines, water and sewer pipes, telecom and fiberoptic cables, and subsurface voids.

GPR functions by sending radar signals into a surface like concrete or soil and capturing that signal as it bounces back to create a specific reading that allows our highly trained Project Managers to determine the length, depth, and type of subsurface feature located.

The various location features can then be marked out on the surface to show the precise location and provide clear boundaries and spaces where you can cut, drill, or excavate safely.

GPRS takes our GPR subsurface locates farther by providing GPS mapping, and we can provide a variety of images, maps, and models to Intelligently Visualize The Built World, above and below ground.


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Power Transmission & Distribution
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GPRS is committed to damage prevention. We provide a variety of services to give you complete site and facility visualization, above and below ground. Utility locating, concrete scanning, video pipe inspection (CCTV), 3D laser scanning, drone imagery, and leak detection can reduce risk for you, your team, and your assets.  When our Project Managers locate subsurface elements like pipes and voids, and above ground architectural features and MPE , the result for our clients is damage prevention and an immediate reduction of risk and cost. That’s why at GPRS, safety is always on our radar.
Budget Overruns Icon


When change orders take place due to unforeseen clashes or other circumstances on a job site, they can blow up your budget, fast. Failing to accurately locate utilities prior to excavation or drilling, or gathering imprecise measurements of existing facilities, results in damage that unleashes a series of extra expenses. Scanning & locating with GPRS can assist in keeping your project on time and on budget.
Thumbs Down Icon


News spreads quickly when utilities, pipes, concrete reinforcement, or other structures are damaged on a jobsite. Depending on the severity and cost of the strike, lengthy investigations, meetings, and blame can follow. The repercussions for failing to take proper precautions can be a loss of jobs, contracts, and ultimately, your reputation. GPRS helps you Visualize The BuiltWorld, above and below ground, to keep your people, your jobsite, and your reputation, safe.
Project Down Time Icon


Construction, renovation, and retooling projects run on strict timelines. A work stoppage or safety stand-down due to a utility strike, a severed post-tension cable, or a collapse can be both dangerous and costly. Investigating the incident takes time, and so do the necessary repairs to keep the structure and your workers, safe. Accurate locates and measurements taken with ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic locating, 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, leak detection, or drone imaging services can keep projects on schedule – saving you and your project time and money.
Property Damage Icon


When you strike an underground utility, pipe, or subsurface reinforcement, the results can be catastrophic. The structural integrity of concrete walls and slabs can also be compromised as the result of unexpected subsurface damage. That’s why GPRS uses GPR, electromagnetic locators, and other locating equipment to mitigate damage to utilities, structures, and the surrounding property. 

Above ground, unexpected clashes due to poor measurements cause similar cost overruns and delays. Our SIM Certified and LiDAR trained Project Managers can employ a full range of 3D scanners, electromagnetic and GPR locators, and other necessary equipment to provide complete visualization of your site, and our Mapping & Modeling Team works with you to design as-built drawings, maps, and models to avoid expensive clashes and damage.
Person with arm in cast icon


At GPRS, our most important tool is our people. When GPRS is called to a jobsite, our people use the latest in locating and scanning technology to make sure that we’re helping keep your people safe.

When underground utilities and subsurface features are not accurately located prior to excavation or trenching, your most important asset is at risk – your people. 

That’s why our company sponsors Concrete Sawing & Drilling Safety Week (in January) and Construction Safety Week (in May), and conducts industry education by sending our safety teams into the field to help your teams learn and implement the best practices to stay safe.


Safety Tour Of America

Safety Tour Of America

We crisscrossed the nation to speak with our partners in safety to hear firsthand from them how they consistently do their jobs at such an elite level. We spoke with Safety Directors, Project Managers, executives, and other safety professionals from 11 of our valued partners in the inaugural leg of this tour.

Green Box Guarantee Logo
When GPRS places a green box within a layout prior to cutting or coring concrete, we guarantee that area to be free of obstructions.

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