Facility Data Management

SiteMap - Powered by GPRS
Easy access to pertinent job site information is the first step to success for the beginning of any construction project, including renovations, remodels, or facility updates. This information includes up-to-date and accurate facility maps that grant Project Managers and field personnel key locations of underground utilities before digging or drilling. Lost, misplaced, or inaccurate as-built drawings not only halt a project, but can easily result in unwanted, costly delays. Through GPRS’ mapping and modeling service, we have the ability to create new and updated facility maps for our clients. But now we have an additional service that warrants the storage and easy access for these updated as-built drawings.

Introducing Facility Data Management.

Facility Data Management allows GPRS Project Managers to scan and locate underground utilities for their customer and deliver free PDF and .KMZ map files of their facility. These map files come included with every private utility locating job that we do. However, our facility data management doesn’t stop with simple map files of underground infrastructure.

GPRS has created SiteMap (powered by GPRS), its own cloud-based digital platform, designed to be used as an easy-to-use portal, containing your brand-new, accurate, and up to date “as-built” drawings in one place. Designed with an intuitive user-interface, SiteMap delivers permanent records of site assets and infrastructure knowledge, allowing for safer excavations, and saw cutting and core drilling projects.

SiteMap makes GPRS’ facility mapping and modeling easier by granting clients the ability to get organized. You no longer have to worry about record drawings being stored in multiple locations, inaccurate record drawings, or knowledge of your site only being stored in an employee’s brain. SiteMap gives you project infrastructure information and data, quick and easy.

This top tiered facility data management service can be broken down into two distinct divisions: Digital Plan Room and a Map Viewer.

The Digital Plan Room encompasses the easy-to-use and organized structure of the digital platform. SiteMap’s Digital Plan Room allows for secure cloud-based storage, while simultaneously allowing users to upload and store site record, historical, and as-built drawings all in one simple location. Attach photos, videos, GPR data, and other images to all site plans, providing additional, seamless access to all GPRS generated findings. A secure login permits users to upload and view their project site data, which can be sorted by document type, construction/plan date, and document title.
Second, you have SiteMap’s Map Viewer application, which grants users the ability to view, edit, download, print, and share site maps. This subscription for SiteMap further enables you to view every square inch of your site infrastructure, above and below the surface, from the comfort of your office desk. Map layers can be turned on and off, permitting views of individual utility types and features such as valves, light poles, manholes, and site photos. The Map Viewer aspect can also display 3D views of the interior of your buildings.

Q: Why are as-built drawings important?
Most people don’t realize that as-built drawings and original facility maps aren’t the most accurate. Often, they don’t show improvements and renovations that were done to the project location or weren’t properly mapped by the original property inspectors. Click here to learn more about the issue with as-built drawings and how facility data management helps your cause.

Q: What are the differences between the Digital Plan Room and the Map Viewer?
The Digital Plan Room focuses on the storage and easy access portion of SiteMap. You might have your current blueprints on Google Drive, DropBox, or just rolled up in your office’s basement. The GPRS database allows clients to quickly access their records, which are always up-to-date and accurate.

The Map Viewer serves as the access point inside the GPRS SiteMap database that allows clients to physically view their searchable maps. Through the Map Viewer, customers can share maps with other employees and view (in real time) all up-to-date renovations in relation to their project site.

Q: What gets scanned and mapped through SiteMap?
(Layered map graphic on site and brochure).

Q: How does GPRS promise the most accurate, up-to-date record drawings?
Your as-built drawings and maps are only as good as the data that’s used to create them. GPRS has completed over 250,000 projects since its inception in 2001. On top of this experience, our Project Managers utilize the SIM process on all service projects that helps enhance our 99.8% subsurface damage prevention rate. Experience and the SIM method ensure all quality mapping data is accurate and comprehensive.

Q: Is SiteMap included on all utility locating projects?
The easy answer? No. SiteMap is a new program that allows customers to purchase and obtain updated facility maps for their project site. However, GPRS includes basic PDF and .KMZ map files of your facility with every utility locate. Check out site-map.com to learn more about what this new service can do for you!