Video Pipe Inspection by GPRS

Video Pipe Inspection Case Study

GPRS will get requests for video pipe inspection to assess different pipes and is instrumental in inspecting sewer service laterals. The one screen picture in picture will give you all the information you need for mainline and lateral viewing. If you would like to learn more about the value of video pipe inspection please take a look at a recent video case study.

Video Case Study Notes:

Results - We were pushing smoke into the storm lines and the smoke was coming out of a known sanitary manhole nearby. We then placed the smoke machine on a sanitary manhole, and it came out of the storm manholes & catch basins in the area. To figure out what was going on, we used our robotic crawler and inspected the storm lines while blowing smoke into a sanitary manhole. We ended up finding that they had a sanitary channel built into one of the storm lines at a higher level. ​

The picture below is the camera looking up at a manhole lid while inside the storm system. The brick on the right had a sanitary channel built into the top of the brick structure. When we blew smoke into the sanitary manhole, we could see it coming from the top and towards our camera in the storm system. This manhole was buried under asphalt so we could not open it to get pictures of the setup from the top.​

This helped the customer in 2 ways. ​We found a buried manhole that the customer did not know existed.​ This could have become a big problem down the road. If the sanitary line backed up at any point it would flow over the channel wall and into the storm system. This would eventually pollute the rivers nearby with sanitary waste.

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Video Pipe Inspection by GPRS