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Video Pipe Inspection Services To Locate Sanitary Line

Video Pipe Inspection Services To Locate Sanitary Line

GPRS video pipe inspection services were called out to a school in Indianapolis, Indiana to locate a sanitary line for a local mechanical contractor. The client is performing renovations and needed to know where the sanitary sewer line was located below the slab and had a visible cleanout in their construction area. Our client also requested the approximate size and depth of the sanitary line to determine if they could utilize this pipe or if they needed to search for a different location to tie in.

After removing the cleanout cap, GPRS was able to visually see the direction and material of the sanitary line in question and begin the assessment. At this point, GPRS provided the client with the first depth measurement utilizing a tape measure down to the bottom of the 90-degree fitting. The Project Manager then inserted the push pipe camera and was able to confirm that the line was only going in one direction from this clean out. After a couple feet into the sanitary / sewer line GPRS was able to visually see two taps / sewer laterals and marked their locations at the main. The sewer pipe camera was pushed another 10 ft and then provided another mark on the floor in crayon – noting the pipeline location. At this location the Project Manager took an approximate depth measurement with our Radiodetection 8100 pipe locator and noted it on the floor and sketched for the customer. This process helps the customer in multiple ways; first by utilizing the sewer push camera we were able to see that there were laterals inside the work area that the customer could use to tie in his new sink, second by providing estimated depth measurements, the customer was able to calculate if they would have enough pitch to tie into this sanitary line, and last the customer now has the location of the sanitary line for their sawcut. They mentioned to GPRS onsite that they took a chance on exploratory digging on a previous job but did not find the target line they were looking for which wasted them a lot of time and money. After the onsite sewer pipeline investigation was performed, we provided the customer with a Blue Beam sketch documenting / assessing our findings. This sketch included the approximate size and depth of the pipe which the customer could confirm with a test hole. Further utilizing our services our GPR team were scheduled to follow up behind us to let the customer know if there are any conflicts in the concrete slab for their sawcut.

The GPRS Video Pipe Inspection team is ready and equipped to handle any of your pipe inspection needs. We have multiple different CCTV pipe cameras to handle most situations. This includes various push cameras that can fit into pipes that are above 1’ ¾” in diameter. GPRS also utilizes the Envirosight Rover x mainline and Rover x Sat lateral launch camera to prevent and locate cross bores.

Video Pipe Inspection Services of Sanitary Sewer System

Recently GPRS was called out to a job site in Indianapolis, Indiana for an inspection of their sanitary sewer system.

The sewer inspection and assessment took place over the course of six days. While working on-site GPRS closely followed safety regulations, including wearing proper PPE and coming off the area of work to keep pedestrians safe. During our pipeline inspection we used our Robotic crawler camera (CCTV) to inspect the main sanitary pipelines as well as our push camera when the robotic crawler was not feasible. Our robotic pipeline and sewer cameras come equipped with a sonde that allows us to pinpoint any locations in the pipe including at laterals that are cause for concern. This makes it easy for any excavation crew following up after us to dig in the correct area, saving them time and money. Directly pinpointing the problem area avoids unnecessary digging for our clients. We also coordinated with a local pipeline / sewer jetting company to help clear out any pipes that were unable to be inspected due to debris build up. This ensures the client gets the best results due to a clear and visible sewer pipe for reporting. Over forty individual sections of sewer pipe were inspected over the duration of the project. Along with sewer camera video, the client also receives a detailed NASSCO report and assessment for each sewer pipe including damaged sections inspected. They are also provided with a detailed sketch of the scope of work, that serves as a visual aid to accompany the video, so the client knows exactly what section of inspected pipe they are viewing.

GPRS runs the sophisticated Envirosight RovverX Sewer Inspection Crawler; with six-wheel drive, 12 quick change wheel options, and full pan and tilt 360-degree inspection pipeline camera. The RovverX is considered the workhorse of inspection robots. GPRS can fully inspect sewer mainlines, sewer laterals, and pipe manholes.

We conduct lateral launch sewer inspections, cross-bore mitigation, sewer and water inspections, water and sewer mapping and manhole inspections near Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide detailed mapping and video inspection files.

Our project managers are training in pipeline assessments, lateral pipe assessments and manhole assessments.

GPRS is a nationwide utility locating service serving Indianapolis, Indiana with experts in underground utility locating, concrete scanning, and video pipe inspections (CCTV). For more information about GPRS capabilities or questions on how we could assist you on your next project please contact us.

Note: GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.