GPRS Project Managers locating rebar present in the concrete slab on both sides of the wall.

GPRS Scans Concrete To Locate Electrical Conduit Before Core Drilling – Florida

Ground Penetrating Radar is a new technology that is extremely helpful to mark out reinforcing steel, conduit, post-tension cables, pre-stressed cables and other pertinent obstructions that lie within a concrete slab. GPR is applicable on elevated slab, slab on grade, and as you’ll see in this entry, cement walls. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. is of the top GPR companies in its industry and has grown to provide GPR services nationwide.

GPRS Project Managers were recently contacted in Central Florida for concrete scanning at a large facility being constructed. Throughout the construction of the building there have been many changeovers. The scope of this job was to scan multiple walls on the ground floor to locate electrical conduit within the concrete wall before new holes were core drilled. It was essential that the conduit be located and not destroyed in the core drilling process. A GPR scan was performed to locate reinforcing steel and conduit prior to core drilling through the 12” thick wall.

GPRS Project Managers were able to locate the top matt of rebar that was present in the slab on both sides of the wall. The conduit was tough to detect at first as there was so much steel in the wall. After changing a few settings on the GPR equipment we were able to make out PVC conduit within the wall. When located by radar, each rebar and conduit was marked out on the surface of the concrete with a pencil or marker. Having the ability to identify where critical conduit, cables and reinforcing steel exist in cement slabs can save much time, money and resources, providing a tremendous advantage.

The equipment used during the scan was a hand-held, cart carrying a 1600 MHz antenna capable of identifying objects at a depth of approximately 18"- 24" (2 feet) deep. In the pictures to the right you can see GPRS Project Manager, Kyle Kearcher scanning for rebar and conduit in the foundation of the new facility where holes will be drilled. Due to the compact size and mobility of the cart that carries the antenna, Kyle was able to perform GPR below grade after digging a whole to get more data.

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