GPRS Preforms Residential Lateral Locate

GPRS Performs Residential Lateral Locate

GPRS video pipe inspection department was recently hired by a plumbing company to locate a residential sewer lateral from the mainline sewer in the street. The homeowner was having issues with their plumbing recently and decided they were going to tie into the lateral but did not have an idea where the lateral was located in the street. The customer had no maps or plans but needed an exact location of where the lateral was so they can begin their construction to dig down and tie into it. GPRS Video Pipe Inspection department was able to find the city maps and locate the mainline sewer pipe segment directly in front of the customers home. The VPI project manager attached an external sonde to the robotic crawler so we would be able to locate it at surface level with line locator. The robotic crawler maneuvered in the 10” clay sewer line for approximately 300 linear feet until it came across the homeowner’s lateral pipe. The project manager then used his EM device to locate lateral and provide a depth for the construction crew so that they had an idea of how far down to dig until they would come across the lateral. The customer was extremely satisfied with GPRS video pipe inspection departments ability to locate the lateral with only mainline sewer map references. Along with locating the lateral line, GPRS also has the ability to map that point onto a satellite image in order to assist the customer to use it as a reference for future projects. GPRS Video Pipe Inspection department takes great pride in our ability to go above and beyond customer expectations for special circumstance jobs such as these. Whether it is a single lateral or hundreds of laterals that need located, GPRS has the equipment to fulfill the needs of any water or sewer pipe project.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.