Sanitary Lateral CCTV Video Pipe Inspection

GPRS Performs Sanitary Lateral CCTV Video Pipe Inspection in Washington DC

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ (GPRS) VPI team was called to assist with a sanitary lateral locate and inspection. Our GPR team attempted to locate the sewer pipe via GPR scanning but was unsuccessful due to the depth of the pipe being approximately 20 feet. Additionally, there was also no access to the lateral from inside the building, so we had to attempt the locate from nearby manhole just outside the property. Fortunately, the pipe was accessible from the manhole and using our mainline crawler camera, we were able to enter the lateral and run it all the way to the building. Utilizing our super sonde, which are good for up to 50 feet and was attached to the crawler camera, we marked out the location of the pipe within their scope of work while also marking out approximate depths for our client. With the video inspection file, they were able to determine that the pipe can handle the extra flow and they now know exactly where to dig for the tie-in.

GPRS offers Video Pipe Inspections all throughout the city of Washington, DC. We utilize our Rigid Push Camera system for pipes 2”- 4” and our Envirosight Rovver X on mainline inspections for pipe 6” and above. We also have Lateral Launch capabilities, with the locating and mapping of sewer and storm pipes. To schedule a CCTV inspection or to schedule a site walkthrough in the Washington, DC area call 206-406-1029!

Note: GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.