Emergency Leak Detection

GPRS Performs Emergency Leak Detection Services for Rite Aid in Syracuse, New York

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was contacted to perform an emergency leak detection service in Liverpool, a town located a few miles from the City of Syracuse, NY.  The job was at a Rite Aid distribution warehouse where their fire loop system was experiencing a constant loss in pressure over a certain period of time. The jockey pump located in the main pump house on site was in danger of burning out, which would then require a pricey replacement, only to then potentially burnout again.

GPRS water loss specialist, Nick Starr, was called to the site for an investigation of the fire loop. A few weeks prior to Nick’s service day, a separate GPRS water loss specialist, Sonny Ken tile, was tasked with finding a water leak at the same distribution warehouse that was surfacing in the concrete at the truck loading docks. Sonny successfully located the surfacing leak and it was repaired. However, after the repair and the area was backfilled, the fire system was still experiencing a loss in pressure which indicated a potential second leak. Nick began with an independent search in the pump house to confirm the client’s suspicions. A loss in pressure was present and a pipe leak did appear to be on the system. Acoustic detecting of the available contact points around the warehouse utilizing the S-30 Surveyor produced minimal results, except for one location. The new post indicator valve replaced from the previous day of leak service was producing some mild leak signals. Due to there being no main line valves on the fire system, an isolation of the pipeline could not be performed to confirm a suspect leak.Nick connected onto the post indicator valve and began tracing the lateral and main via the RD8000 pipe and cable locator in order to run accurate correlations. Once the main was marked, correlations between the post indicator valve and nearby hydrants were performed. The numerous correlations resulted in a suspect leak location at the “T” connection for the previously repaired pipe.In order to narrow the leak location, acoustic ground testing was utilized. A small amount of ground noise could be heard above the “T” connection and the area was boxed. The contact was hard pressed to believe that a pipe leak could be present on the same lateral that had only been repaired a few weeks prior.However, upon excavation of the concrete and exposure of the “T” connection, a leak was present on the joint connection for the main line and lateral. Once the leak was repaired and the system regained pressure, the jockey pump with int he pump house stopped turning on and off and the pressure within the water system held at normal operating levels.

The leak we found is a good example of to how a repair in one area can sometimes affect another area. A fully pressurized system can make a weak spot, which was previously not leaking, to finally give away and cause a whole new issue. GPRS provides an assortment of services including annual leak surveys to continuously find new leaks when previous leak have been repaired.An annual leak survey is a great way to stay on top of the old infrastructure that is in place across North America. To schedule any of your utility or leak detection needs in the New York area, call 303-945-5415 or visit gprsinc.com.

GPRS also provides leak detection services in the following surrounding areas: Rochester NY, Binghamton NY, and Utica NY.

Note: GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.