A CMP Drainpipe Video Camera Inspection

GPRS Performs A CMP Drainpipe Video Camera Inspection in Fort Worth, Texas

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was recently called out to perform a CCTV pipe inspection on a section of CMP drainpipe for a country club in Fort Worth, Texas. The club noticed a few large cracks on their pickle ball courts and were concerned that the pipe running under the courts was compromised. In addition, they explained that the drainpipe experiences surging during the winter months. It was important that the sewer pipe was in good shape structurally to avoid sink holes and to withstand the surging during the winter months.

GPRS Project Manager, Jame Hacker , was able setup at the end of the pipeline and deployed the Enviro sight RX130 crawler equipped with a camera, motorized lift, auxiliary light and large wheels. The drainpipe being inspected had a diameter of 36” and its length was 467LF. As the crawler moved through the sewer pipe there were no signs of collapsing or damage. However, as the crawler hit the 156 ft mark the bottom of the pipe was showing signs of surface damage due to corrosion. The corrosion was continuous for more than 319LF of the pipe.

Now armed with new information about the drainpipe, the country club took the inspection video and showed it to a trusted contractor who helped them repair the sewer pipe so it can withstand the winter months and water surging for years to come.

GPRS has many different subsurface inspection services including manhole inspections (Level 1&2), general CCTV inspections for pipe sizes ranging from 2” and up, cross bore mitigation, NASSCO reporting and mapping. No job is too big or too small, if you have an inquiry or need to schedule a CCTV pipe inspection in the Fort Worth area, please contact james.haaker@gprsinc.com or call213-215-1835.

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