GPRS Marks Reinforcement Before Renovations At Local Hospital

GPRS Marks Reinforcement Before Renovations At Local Hospital

Recently GPRS was hired by a local contractor to locate reinforcement and possible conduits in selected locations in the mechanical room at a local hospital. The contractor was soon to be coring through the slab at the selected locations and did not want to risk the chance of striking reinforcement and/or a possible conduit. The GPRS technician was able to scan several locations marked out on the slab. The picture above indicates the whereabouts of the reinforcement (no conduit was identified). The client will now be able to safely core through the slab to complete the project.

The process begins by asking the site contact to review known conditions about the slab the technician will be scanning. It is critical to gather as much information as possible regarding slab construction, thickness, age and identify any critical areas. When marking on concrete always ask the client if they prefer the technician to use permanent markings. Temporary markings (crayon, pencil, tape) can easily be removed from the slab but, sometimes it’s the only option.

The next step is to collect initial GPR scans. The technician will begin the scanning process by taking several straight line scans as well as, several long scans outside the selected locations to get a better understanding of the makeup of the slab in regards to reinforcement and potential conduit. Once the previously mentioned steps are complete the technician will begin scanning the selected locations. The technician scanned each location parallel and perpendicular to the reinforcement as well as, at 45 and 90 degree angles.

At GPRS safety is our top priority, not only for ourselves but for anyone else working at the site. Having reinforcement/conduit marked out prior to coring will save the contractor time and money by avoiding delays in the project and not having to pay for costly repairs if reinforcement/conduit is struck during coring or saw cutting. Most importantly, it will help protect the health and safety of anyone working in or around selected locations that have been marked out. GPRS is the nation’s leading subsurface locator with a 99% accuracy rate when locating reinforcement or any other subsurface anomalies.

GPRS technicians are commonly called upon to locate a wide variety of items, such as, concrete scanning for rebar, conduits, post tension cables, and any other utility that may be buried. We also scan for private and public utilities, underground voids or vaults, footings, buried foundations, and Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s). All these tasks are all done in a safe, time efficient and non-destructive manner. The client can rest assured that they are hiring the best there is to handle their locating needs.

GPRS offers services from coast to coast, as well as, Hawaii and Canada!

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.