GPRS Concrete Scanning in Cincinnati Ohio

GPRS Concrete Scanning in Cincinnati Ohio

A General contractor in Cincinnati, OH needed to core a drill hole at a major construction site downtown. Being that the core was for a new fire suppression system, the size of the core would be 10" in diameter. Knowing that this was a Post Tension slab and the risk of hitting a Post Tension cable was high, it needed to be scanned/X-rayed. GPRS, LLC. specializes in this application of work; identifying Post Tension cables and other reinforcement with depths and mapping out directly on the floor to ensure safe drilling locations. In this sensitive project, it is essential to know what is under you before you drill. GPRS, LLC. took the call and was mobilized to the new high-rise project site in downtown Cincinnati.

On Site, GPRS was able to quickly and accurately find the post tensioned cables and steel reinforcement that was within a 10'x10' area where the client wanted his core drilling location to be. Typically, when A client needs a core drilling location cleared, a 2'x2' area is scanned. In this situation, the core was much larger and the client asked if a larger area could be scanned. GPRS was able to do this with no hesitation. At a client's request; larger areas may be scanned, especially if there is a lot of room for adjustment with the core location. All findings within this area were marked directly on the surface along with depths. GPRS was able to then discuss the findings with the General contractor. Locations of the post tension cables/steel reinforcement, depths, and slab thickness were all deliberated to find a safe drilling location for the future fires suppression system. This project was a success, and GPRS was able to ensure the security of the structural integrity, along with the safety of others while work was performed.

In addition to the on-surface mapping, GPRS, LLC. can provide other tools such as written reports and CAD drawings of findings. These are useful in the pre-planning stages as you may want us to scan a while before the drilling takes place. These deliverables will provide thorough information, security and comfort when you go to drill and the GPRS Project Manager is no longer on site to answer questions.

GPRS has done many other projects such as this in Columbus, Dayton, Athens, Lexington, Louisville and other cities throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. GPRS, LLC. are the leaders across the nation in sub surface scanning. Please contact us for further questions, to schedule a project, or to request a free demonstration of the equipment.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.