GPRS Called After Previous Scanning Service Fails To Provide Accurate Results – Florida

GPRS Called After Previous Scanning Service Fails To Provide Accurate Results – Florida

GPRS of Florida received a call from a new customer who had recently hired one of our competitors to scan an area prior to the installation of several plumbing lines in Orlando, FL. Our customer was concerned that the scanning service that they had used made several mistakes, and several items had been missed. After the customer called GPRS, we offered to only charge them for the project if we were able to offer them new, and relevant information.

After getting started with the scan, it became immediately clear to us that our competitor made several mistakes. In the image above, you can see several of the markings that GPRS marked onto the surface (in black). You can also see our competitor’s markings (in red crayon). Our competitor had missed the fact that one of the lines ran at a slight diagonal (at about a 15º angle). Our competitor had marked the line as through it were straight, and as a result, their markings were off by up to 4”.

As we completed this project, it became clear to us that our competitor had likely rushed the scanning process, as there were several obvious mistakes. Very likely, the previous scanning service had only scanned over each line once, rather than scanning an area 3 or more times. As a result of this, their scan failed to verify the direction and continuation of each line.

GPRS was also able to determine that previous scanning service had provided at least 4 or 5 false positives; lines that did not even exist. As we were completing this project, at one point, our customer looked over the shoulder of the GPRS Project Manager and exclaimed “That area is completely clear! Why did they mark there?” Our only guess was that the previous scanning service wanted to indicate the extent of the scan area. However, as a result of their markings, the customer was left with a false picture of their available options.

GPRS cannot speak for the reasoning’s of the markings of the previous scanning company, and it was not exactly clear what had caused so many errors in their markings, but, we were thankful that we were able to have the opportunity to provide a more accurate picture to our new customer. The customer informed us that the price of our services where the same to what they had paid to the first scanning company and, at the conclusion of the job, they said that we would be their “new GPR crew”; something that we consider to be a stewardship that is an honor to receive.

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