“X-Rays” Using Radar for Concrete Scanning - GPRS

Concrete Scanning “X-Ray” Locates Electrical Conduits – California

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. - GPRS of California was contacted by SCE to perform a concrete scanning “x-ray” in Los Angeles, CA. Concrete scanning was used to check the concrete slab in several areas in order to locate rebar and electrical conduits, prior to core drilling. GSSI GPR equipment was used to locate rebar in every location that was scanned. The data is able to be marked directly on the surface with no wait time for processing or developing.

Ground Penetrating Radar is a great tool to clear areas of post tension cables, rebar, and conduits prior to core drilling or saw cutting. The concrete imaging process is entirely non destructive and free of radiation or health hazards.

Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) to learn how we can assist with your project. To locate rebar, post tension cables, conduits, pipes or utilities in concrete please contact us today. GPRS has offices throughout the entire state and performs GPR scans throughout the entire state, including cities like Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego, Riverside, Simi Valley, Pasadena, Torrance, Orange, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

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Note: GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services.  If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.