Concrete Scanning & Utility Locating at Major Hotel on The Las Vegas Strip

Concrete Scanning & Utility Locating at Major Hotel on The Las Vegas Strip

While saw cutting at a project that was taking place in the basement of  The Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, a contractor mistakenly  cut  through the main power line for the building. As a result of this, the  building had a power outage for roughly 20 hours, the hotel had to be  closed, and the hotel had to relocate their guests to a different  property. Not only did this ordeal cost the hotel a significant amount  of money in lost profits, this power outage also forced them to relocate all of the guests from the hotel, and pay for replacement housing.

In  addition to the costs of replacement housing, in an effort to keep  their guests as customers, the hotel also offered the customers that  were  impacted by the power outage two free nights on their future stay  at the hotel. Of course, this entire ordeal could have been avoided if  the  contractor that was working at the job site would have invested in  utility locating, and concrete scanning prior to the saw cutting.

After the power outage, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called to scan the basement area to ensure that all of the sub-surface items were located to ensure that the contractor would not be making any additional mistakes at this job-site. The results of our scan allowed the customer to confidently dig without running into any power lines. We were also able to provide the customer with information on several (of what appeared to be post tension cables) in the slab. GPRS used radio detection, a 400 & 1600 MHz GPR antenna to scan the areas. All of the findings of our scans were marked clearly onto the surface with blue tape. Additionally, we also discussed the findings of the scans with the customer, and all of their questions were answered.

Regardless if your company is working on an older historic landmark, or a freshly built hospital, call The Experts in GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar Systems. We will provide you with an accurate, and detailed scan so that your project is completed without any issues.

Prior to saw cutting, core drilling, excavating, or boring in the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada areas, be safe & get as many questions answered as to what sub-surface obstructions are present. If you have questions about what lies beneath whatever surface you’re working on, GPRS should be able to give you a much clearer picture as to what you are dealing with. Typically, we are able to arrive on site to begin scanning within 1-2 days. GPRS will take care of your project in a timely, safe, and accurate manner.

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Note: GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services.  If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.