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Ensure Quality, Accuracy, Accountability, & Control with Project Plus by GPRS

There’s a lot on the line any time you oversee a construction project. Your schedule. Your bottom line. Your reputation. Your workers’ lives. Yet so much of what happens on a job site is currently out of your control because your site data is a mishmash of information provided by your subcontractors. 

You know what happens next: change orders, budget overruns, and accidents that threaten the lives of everyone on site.  What if there was a better way? What if you could own complete control of your site data from top to bottom, ensuring accuracy, accountability, and quality? That is the mission statement for GPRS’ Project Plus program.

GPRS Project Plus ensures complete control over the quality and accuracy of data on your site.  | GPRS Image
Project Plus is a tool that equips you with the accurate data you need, exactly when and how you need it, ensuring the same high-quality level is kept for all stakeholders - from subcontractors to owners and everyone in between.
When you become a GPRS Project Plus partner, GPRS becomes the only company on site locating utilities, scanning concrete, inspecting pipes, conducting 3D laser scans, and crafting state-of-the-art CAD drawings, maps, and models to fit your project’s needs.

Project Plus gives you complete control of your site

No more chasing down multiple sources of information from subcontractors to ensure the safety of an excavation before breaking ground. Markings, maps, models, and reports collected by GPRS will be uploaded for you into SiteMap®, our revolutionary facility management platform.

As a Project Plus member, you’ll receive a full Project Level SiteMap® subscription. This enables you to instantly view, share, and collaborate around every as built, locate, drawing, and model of your job site. You, your designers, and your subcontractors will be working off the same playbook, a single source of truth that ensures smooth progress and eliminates costly and potentially dangerous mistakes caused by miscommunication and/or inaccurate information.

Project Plus is the catalyst you’ll use to standardize expectations, communication, and output among your subcontractors, specialty contractors, and owners so that all stakeholders are on the same page before breaking ground. The accurate, real-time data stored in SiteMap and collected by GPRS Project Managers is stored for future use and/or delivery to your customers and can be broken down to view only what is needed for a given project.

SiteMap® allows you to visualize your site's infrastructure, one utility line, and type at a time. | GPRS Image
Sitemap® puts our NASSCO-certified Video Pipe (CCTV) Inspections. | GPRS Image

Sitemap® puts our NASSCO-certified Video Pipe (CCTV) Inspections, millimeter-accurate 3D laser scans and industry-leading maps and models at your fingertips so you can visualize your project throughout the entirety of its life cycle.  

Don’t Take it From Us

If your process may be lacking and you can’t seem to fill in the gaps, you’re not alone. One of our customers – who also happens to be one of the largest general contractors in the country – was struggling with the same issue before becoming a GPRS Project Plus member.

Our customer knew they had data management and control issues. They were requiring all subcontractors to utilize only GPRS for locates and scans. They knew our track record and trusted us and our 99.8%+ accuracy rate. Yet there were still numerous utility line strikes on their project. An exhaustive review found that data control was the culprit behind the strikes, as the vital utility locate data our Project Managers collected for them wasn’t being properly communicated and utilized across all their teams and subcontractors. 

Project Plus bridged the gap for this client who, since becoming a GPRS Project Plus member, has had zero utility strikes on this jobsite.

We want you to always reach your goals, but you can’t do that if miscommunication and inaccurate data are causing costly change orders and catastrophic accidents. GPRS’ Project Plus program keeps your projects on time, on budget, and safe.

"GPRS helps my company prepare critical subsurface information in the planning phase. This makes me the hero with the project owner – I have all the information they need."
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Aykut Altindis
"I can rest easy at night because I know that when GPRS is involved in my project, my team is safe and able to get home to their families.”
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Jose Hernandez
HSE Manager

Project Plus requires all of your subcontractors to utilize GPRS for their visualization and locating needs, so you are assured of the quality of the data – from MEP to excavation – and everything in between. 

Save yourself the time and hassle of trying to contract with multiple vendors, who each risk the safety of your workers, the success of your project, and your reputation with the decisions they make. Ensure complete control, and the accuracy and quality of your data. Become a GPRS Project Plus partner today.