The advanced age of most water and sewer lines in the U.S. means that leaks occur far too often. The average water loss in systems is 16 percent, but up to 75 percent of that is recoverable.

Through water loss control efforts such as the leak detection services and water loss surveys offered by GPRS in Dover, Delaware, municipalities and other utility providers can save their water – and save their money in the process.

Our elite Project Managers are highly versed in the common causes for leaks, including environmental changes, poor maintenance, and/or improper installation of water or sewer lines. We help locate severe leaks that, if left untreated, could compromise the integrity of your buildings, contaminate your water supply, and severely affect your bottom line.
A GPRS worker inspects a pipe feeding a fire hydrant.  | GPRS Images

Our Leak Detection Services In Dover, Delaware

When you need the integrity of your water or sewer lines evaluated, you need the very best conducting this analysis.

Our Project Managers are thoroughly trained in the Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) to identify leaking pipes’ specific sounds and frequencies.

SIM represents the first comprehensive specification that quantifies the need for highly trained professionals as well as multiple technologies combined with proven field methods to produce the best nondestructive results. Per SIM, our Project Managers receive a minimum of four weeks of field mentoring, then 80 hours of classroom training followed by an additional four weeks of field mentoring prior to being released into the field under the supervision of a senior Project Manager.
Leak detection equipment on the pavement.  | GPRS Images
Additionally, we offer valve exercising, a preventative measure program to ensure your water valves function efficiently.

Whatever services you require, you can rest assured that your data will be delivered to you quickly and in a format that makes it easy to review and use during repair or replacement of your lines.

The field report you’ll receive includes not only a detailed description of each leak or other defect found – including photos of the issue – but also information on all services provided, the equipment utilized, the types of markings we used to indicate findings, and notes from the Project Manager that completed your job.

Why Should You Choose GPRS For Leak Detection?

GPRS only places its state-of-the-art technology in the hands of our elite Project Managers, who are required to complete the industry-leading Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) training program prior to being assigned their first job.

With over 350,000 projects completed, and a better than 99.8% accuracy rating on those jobs, GPRS is a water leak detection company those in Dover, Delaware can rely on. We’re here to help, so schedule a job today and we can Intelligently Visualize the Built World™ together!