Leak Detection Services

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Leak Detection Services in Dallas, Texas

Do you have a subsurface water leak? Our team of Leak Detection Specialists in Dallas, Texas can locate your municipal, residential, or industrial leak.
Trusted Leak Detection Experts

Trusted Leak Detection Experts

GPRS's Dallas, Texas based Leak Detection service is used to provide utilities, municipalities, and industrial facilities maintain safe and efficient water distribution. Fire protection and domestic supply networks both benefit greatly from these services.

Significant underground leaks can erode soil, create voids, and cause substantial structural damage to buildings without any water visible. GPRS can pinpoint a leak quickly when a problem is identified or proactively look for leaks along a community or facility's fire or domestic water system.

Water loss is common, but how prevalent is it? According to the American Water Works Association researchers, our current infrastructure leaks more than two trillion gallons of water each year. Fortunately, routine water loss inspections and leak detection services can mitigate this loss.

Municipal, industrial, and residential leak detection are among GPRS's specialties. Our Dallas, Texas based Leak Detection Specialists are equipped to detect leaks and provide insights into your water distribution system.

Our Services in Dallas, Texas

We offer various leak detection and mitigation services in Dallas, Texas. Here are just a couple of our service offerings.

Leak Detection

We use both acoustic leak detectors and leak noise correlators to identify the location of active leaks in subsurface pipes. Water leaks are dangerous. Severe leaks can cause significant problems underground by eroding soil, causing voids, and compromising the integrity of buildings without any water ever coming to the surface. GPRS can quickly pinpoint a known leak when a problem is identified or can proactively search for leaks along a domestic water or fire system for a municipality or facility.

Routine Water Loss Inspection

Routine water loss inspections can potentially save facilities thousands of dollars.

Several factors cause water leaks. These include corrosion, high system pressure, damage during construction, improper installation, frost or freezing, and failing or damaged joints. Water loss surveys can provide significant benefits, including limiting non-revenue water, reducing property damage, and updating maps of water infrastructure.
Routine Water Loss Inspection
A small subsurface water leak can lead to huge costs, subpar water performance, environmental impacts, and property damage. Water loss problems are often left until there is an acute problem before leak detection is scheduled. A business or municipality could have lost thousands in water loss by that time. Water loss is an irrecoverable loss.

Businesses and municipalities can save money by performing regular water loss inspections to prevent unnecessary losses.

Valve Exercising

Valve exercising is a preventative measure to ensure they function efficiently. GPRS's skilled technicians identify each gate valve and record how many turns are required to maximize efficiency with GPS-enabled technology. By compiling this valuable information, future leaks can be identified and fixed as soon as possible, which reduces the risk of service disruptions. Each valve box is cleaned, and valves are exercised carefully to prevent tuberculation and other deposits that can render valves inoperable or lead to tight shutoffs.

Why Should You Choose GPRS for Leak Detection?

With over 250,000 projects completed, GPRS combines top-of-the-line technology and equipment with Project Managers who are SIM trained and qualified. This means that they have the best tools available, but they have been trained and mentored to assess every situation possible, placing safety above all.

If you have been searching for a water leak detection company in the Dallas, Texas area that you can rely on, the GPRS team is here to help! So don't delay. Schedule a routine water loss inspection to ensure that your water lines are secure.
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