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Your project needs to happen on time and with no surprise costs or injuries. We partner with Project Executives inside of General Contractors to reduce their risk in 6 key ways.

budget overruns

When change orders take place due to unforeseen circumstances on job site, a budget can quickly become ruined. When utilities are not located prior to excavation or drilling, damages can occur – unleashing a series of extra expenses. Scanning with GPRS can assist in keeping your project within the budget.

damaged reputation

When utilities and pipes or concrete reinforcement is damaged, the news quickly spreads. Depending on the severity and cost of the damage, meetings and blame can follow. The repercussions for failing to take proper precautions can be loss of jobs, contracts, and ultimately reputation.

project down time

Construction projects run on strict timelines. A stoppage in work due to a utility strike or severed post-tension cable can be costly. The investigation process takes time in addition to whatever repairs must take place. Damage prevention by using ground penetrating radar can keep projects on schedule – saving time and money.

property damage

The result of an underground pipe or concrete reinforcement being damaged can be further damage to the surrounding infrastructure. Finished concrete surfaces, wall finishes or even structural integrity can be a result of a strike. GPRS uses GPR and other key tools to prevent damage to utilities and surrounding property.

injuries & accidents

At GPRS, our most important tool is our people. When GPRS is called to a jobsite, our people use the latest in locating technology to make sure that your people and your team is safe. When underground facilities are not located prior to excavation, your most important asset is at risk – your people.

Why Project Executives At Regional And National General Contractors Choose GPRS

Our National Presence: We have the largest footprint in the industry with Project Managers in every major metropolitan area within the United States. This allows us to be onsite within 24 hours and we can even deliver same-day service

.Consistency For Your Company: We follow the Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) specification to provide the highest quality and consistency of work. You know exactly what experience you're going to get from GPRS, whether it's in Orlando, Florida or Austin, Texas.

We Wrote The Standards On Safety: Our industry-leading SIM Methodology that's taught at our GPRS Training School has resulted in a 99.8% accuracy record in 2019 on over 70,000 projects, minimizing damages, delays, and personnel injuries on the job site. We are in pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention.
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GPRS Services


GPRS offers subsurface damage prevention solutions by locating and mapping underground utilities and structural reinforcement. Identifying and mapping these critical underground facilities keeps prevent injuries and accidents, protects client assets, prevents costly shutdowns, and helps maintain a good reputation for our clients.


"I just wanted to give GPRS some kudos for a moment; you all have really been fantastic in the work you’ve done for us, you’re on the spot with your paperwork, you’re courteous and timely. I tried giving another company a shot at doing some private locates for us, and that’s what really made me realize the quality level of work you all have been doing for us (they never even got past the initial paperwork). These employees and their efforts are some of the reasons that EEI will continue to use GPRS almost exclusively for our private locates, and I wanted GPRS to know that. THANK YOU for your hard work!"
- Megan M. | A Terracon Company