GPRS Offers Leak Detection Services with Leak Detection Correlators

Leak detection correlators are highly accurate at locating the source of water leaks

Two of the most common sources of water damage are leaking pipes and burst water pipes. Unfortunately, we often cannot see pipe damage until it is too late. Many water systems are underground or difficult to access, which complicates finding the location of the leak. Detecting a water leak underground requires specific equipment, such as a leak detection correlator. Considering the severity of water damage, a good leak detection system is a requirement for companies like GPRS when searching for leak sources.

Wherever there is a water system, whether it is for a residential homeowner or a commercial water line, diligence is required to make sure there aren’t any water leaks developing or water loss. Water loss and water damage are very expensive, whether it is the cost of the water itself or the damage it causes. If you have a suspected leak, please contact us at GPRS immediately so we can determine the exact location of the leak.

GPR technician at work | GPRS Images

Water leak detection with specialized equipment is what we do.  Before we had specialized electronic devices, workers would have to walk water lines and look for drips of water or a puddle of water to find a leak. Thanks to technology, we can now identify small leaks early with a leak detection correlator, which helps prevent major water damage later on.

Leak Detection Correlators (also called leak noise correlators) are specialized electronic devices that are used by leak detection service companies like us to locate leaks in water lines and water pipes quickly and accurately. They use sensors placed on both sides of the pipe, and these sensors send information back by radio. The processing unit then compares this data with mathematical algorithms designed for certain noise profiles (such as hissing), which will determine where along the length of each sensor's side it is coming from - so you'll know exactly what section has a leak!

Leak Detection correlators are great at pinpointing the source of leak very closely, usually within a few inches. Pinpointing the leak location via leak sounds, is the typical methodology behind leak noise correlators and it is very effective. We recommend all water utility companies responsible for water mains and our water supply monitor for leaks regularly as part of a proactive pipe maintenance plan.

Leak Detection Correlators are one of the most important tools in a leak detection company's arsenal. They can be used to find leaks on larger diameter pipes and lines such as those in fire mains, large pipelines at MHP sites, or larger commercial facilities around town.  And small diameter pipes such for residential applications.
If you have questions about using leak noise correlators for water leak detection, or need us to find the exact location of a leak, call us today at GPRS.