Introducing... The Green Box Guarantee

What is the Green Box Guarantee?
The Green Box Guarantee is simple: when we place a Green Box within a layout prior to anchoring or coring concrete, we guarantee that the area will be free of obstructions.

In fact, we are so confident in our SIM-qualified Project Managers that if the area isn’t free of obstructions, GPRS will pay the cost of the damage.

We believe that our product is worth more than what we can put on paper. You can say you're confident in your product or service, but how much does that really mean? The true companies, who are the leaders within their divisions, show worthiness through action, and not just talk.

But this isn’t just talk. GPRS’ Green Box Guarantee delivers multiple benefits to our customers that they are unable to get from competitors.
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How does it help customers?
The GPRS Green Box Guarantee allows you to accomplish four things: safety,  efficiency,  cost savings, clear communication.
1) Safety - helps to prevent potential life-threatening injuries and damages
2) Efficiency - prevents project delays
3) Cost savings - prevents costly repairs and unexpected change orders
4) Clear communication - before, during, and after the locate

These benefits work together to help enhance GPRS’ 99.8% subsurface damage prevention rate.

The GPRS  Green Box Guarantee is an industry-leading, proprietary program that provides contractors the necessary assurance of safety when drilling, cutting, or coring through an elevated concrete deck. When GPRS places a Green Box within a layout before cutting or coring concrete, we guarantee it will be  FREE OF OBSTRUCTION.


Electrical conduit strikes present a high risk of electric shock to the equipment operator and nearby workers. Strikes can also cause nearby operations and work to be shut down. Cutting, coring, or drilling through a post-tension cable can cause structural damage or injury. Severed post-tension can lead to compromised structural integrity, creating severe safety concerns
for everyone involved.


GPRS Project Managers can accurately clear dozens of cutting/coring areas per day. Cutting, coring, and drilling through concrete clear of obstruction can significantly speed up the demolition process. When contractors can keep their schedule from experiencing delays due to line strikes and damaged reinforcement, change orders and budget overruns are decreased.


It can cost thousands of dollars to repair damaged wire and conduit due to an electrical strike. Post-tension cable repairs and restressing can cost several thousand dollars per tendon. Cutting through a post-tension cable, critical rebar, electrical conduit, or other obstruction can cause a job site to be shut down, increasing costs.


Green Box Guarantee information is presented directly on the surface of the coring location. GPRS performs post-job walkthroughs to explain all Green Box Guarantee locations and parameters. GPRS leads the industry in project accuracy. Year after year, our performance is well over 99% accurate.


When cutting or coring, there is an inherent risk of striking rebar, conduits, and post-tension cables. An accidental strike results in higher repair costs, schedule delays, and safety hazards for your employees. GPRS’s Green Box Guarantee system gives you the confidence to keep your team safe when cutting and coring concrete.
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The use of proper training, multiple technologies and a field-tested methodology are the key to a successful concrete scan. GPRS is a master of all three components through the utilization of the SIM Specification.
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