Sewer Lateral Inspection & Mapping Explained

How GPRS ensures the integrity of your wastewater systems
A ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch Camera | GPRS Images

Sewer lateral inspections allow for closed-circuit television (CCTV) video inspections of pipes, including mainline and lateral pipelines. They’re ideal in situations that do not allow for a typical visual sewer inspection.

A sewer lateral is the section of your sewer system that connects the rest of your system to the municipal sanitary sewer line. They’re responsible for carrying wastewater from your system to the municipality’s system for proper sanitization and disposal.

During a sewer lateral inspection, a pipe is assessed with a remote-controlled rover or push-fed sewer scope from the mainline to the lateral. Cross bores, structural issues, and other defects are identified and geolocated, providing you with a comprehensive map of your sewer system that allows you to prioritize which problems to address first based on the severity of the defect.

Mapping your wastewater infrastructure is a vital step in mitigating the risks of defects such as cross bores.

Cross bores occur when a new utility line is installed using trenchless technology and accidentally drilled – or bored – through an existing utility, such as a sewer lateral. This can create a dangerous, and potentially deadly, situation that can go undiscovered for years if not identified through routine video pipe inspections of your sewer lines.

If sewer laterals are not located, crews may be unaware of utility lines, obstructions, and degradation to the laterals. It is important that any issues are identified to minimize the risk of property damage and injury.

GPRS Project Manager Lifting A ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch Camera | GPRS Images

GPRS utilizes the Envirosight ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch Crawler for sewer lateral inspections. With multiple onboard cameras and sensors, this state-of-the-art rover allows our Project Managers to locate all cross bores and other structural defects within the lateral line. The twin onboard sondes transmit the crawler’s precise location back to the surface, allowing us to map the lateral line while we’re inspecting it for faults.

GPRS VPI Project Managers are industry-leading experts in sewer inspection services. Our Project Managers are NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) certified and trained to the highest standard possible, and they use only the most advanced equipment to locate problems in sewer lines.

GPRS offers a comprehensive suite of video (CCTV) sewer inspection services, including sewer lateral inspections and mapping, to help you take back control of your wastewater infrastructure.

GPRS’ NASSCO-certified sewer video inspections capture every inch of your system – including the lateral lines – so you know what defects exist, the severity of those problems, and exactly where they’re located. You’ll receive a comprehensive, interactive report that includes video and photographs of the defects to give you a leg up on maintenance preparations.

We come to you – wherever you are. Our Project Managers are strategically stationed in every major market across the United States, so you always have a professional sewer scope company near you and your jobsite.

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