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Every 62 seconds there is a utility line strike. Isn’t it mind-boggling how terrifying that simple statistic can be? What’s even more unbelievable is that there are over 2400 injuries a year, with 400 deaths happening since 2004.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The one thing we are most passionate about at GPRS is safety! We love it so much that we wrote a safety Book, in hopes that it will guide you in your efforts to protect your company.

When you download our eBook, 6 Steps to a Safe Job Site, you’ll discover answers you’ve been searching for. Including:

  • • Want to know the difference between public and private utility marketing? (Page 1)
  • • What do utility strikes cost your business? (Page 3)
  • • The exact process we follow to stay 99.8% accident free. (Page 5)
  • • What methodology can you follow to attain high percentages of safety? (Page 14)
  • • What exactly we can locate with our technology. (Page 17)
  • • The best technology to use when cutting or coring a concrete slab. (Page 18)
  • • So, you think you have an obstruction in a pipe. What do you do? (Page 19)
  • • Our newest coolest service that can help you understand what lies beneath the grounds at your facility. (Page 21)
  • • Who is liable in a utility strike… is it the subcontractor? Find out on Page 22!

You’ll find out all of this and more!

If you want the secret on how GPRS can help protect your employees and your bottom line, download our FREE eBook and poster NOW!

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