Why Simplify Your Underground Utility Mapping?

Why Simplify Your Underground Utility Mapping?

Subsurface utilities demand respect during digging and construction.  

Incomplete utility mapping often fails to represent the multidimensional nature of utility infrastructure, which can cause problems down the line. This information may also exist in physical form only, scattered across various filing cabinets, and in the memories of aging employees. 

At GPRS, we are experts at simplifying this complex information. We offer underground scanning, centralized document storage, and detailed visualizations of "actual as-built" data. By storing your utility mapping in one cloud-based location, you can eliminate guesswork and prevent accidental damage. Simplifying your utility data has numerous benefits, and SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, is here to help you achieve them.

SiteMap Utility Mapping with GPRS Layers

What is Involved in Underground Utility Mapping?

Underground utilities come in various depths with electrical and telecommunication cables usually situated at two feet below ground, and larger pipelines typically at three feet and beyond. Abandoned USTs, old pipes, and other structures can also be found below the surface, requiring accounting by property administrators.

Environmental factors may cause the ground to shift, leading to the slight adjustment of previously laid utility lines. Past construction projects can also impact utility locations, and without proper documentation, these changes may not be apparent. 

The lack of proper records and utility maps can complicate the world beneath the surface, creating a dangerous scenario when a new excavation is needed. The absence of permits, proper records and utility locations can result in severe consequences such as financial penalties from local governments and environmental incidents. The safety of workers digging and residents around them can also be at risk. Additionally, inaccurate utility information can lead to inefficient, costly, and potentially hazardous projects.  

Underground mapping is crucial for different property types and industries such as hospitals, schools and universities, government buildings, construction firms, retail businesses, financial institutions, and more. Most states require One Call (811) systems to mark all publicly owned utilities. 

However, private locating firms must also be utilized to ensure that all buried utilities are located comprehensively, given the presence of private utilities in most construction projects across an entire site. Utility lines consist of different materials, and as such, different types of non-invasive devices such as the Vivax-Metrotech Vloc3 PRO Receiver and Geode Real-Time Sub-Meter GPS Receiver are needed to locate and collect hyper-accurate, real-time subsurface information.

Benefits of Simplifying Underground Utility Mapping

  1. Safety: When your facility and project managers have on-demand access to highly accurate and up-to-date utility mapping, permits, and plans, downtime is reduced, and subsurface obstacles are easily overcome. Improved safety for individuals, buildings, and the environment is ensured as risks are minimized through real-time updates and central availability of essential data. Trust GPRS to deliver a top-notch solution that allows for confident and informed decision-making, always.

  2. Efficiency: When embarking on any construction undertaking, ensuring that all your campus’ geospatial data is in one centralized platform is pivotal to rapid and precise decision-making around subsurface utilities. This highly efficient approach not only provides increased accuracy but also preserves project timelines and budgets, safeguarding successful outcomes.

  3. Code and regulation compliance: Locally enforced safe digging laws, building codes, and construction permits carry the weight of protecting workers, building occupants, and structures above and below ground. By centralizing blueprints, permits, and utility maps, facilities managers can accurately verify compliance and permit validity dates to stay ahead of regulations.

  4. 24/7 access to data: SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that consolidates geospatial maps, blueprints, and permits, simplifying utility visualizations and paper files into one place. Our centralized repository facilitates enhanced work efficiency, enabling staff to access information via any electronic device, at any time–even outside normal business hours. Choose SiteMap® for streamlined, centralized data management that offers technical precision and authoritative clarity.

SiteMap® offers simplified and consolidated utility mapping, a groundbreaking solution from seasoned professionals with specialized equipment. Our services will aid you in Visualizing the Built World™ and efficiently managing your campus with up-to-date geospatial maps. Whether your project spans one building or multiple geographies, contact us today to get started. Benefit from cloud-based access capabilities and keep your campus safe with SiteMap®.

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