Using 3D Laser Scanning For Advanced Analysis

Using 3D Laser Scanning For Advanced Analysis

Using 3D Laser Scanning For Advanced Analysis

Laser scan technology allows professionals to complete advanced analysis and off-site visualization to plan for upcoming work. It can be used to tackle extremely technical engineering challenges.

3D laser scanning removes human error from the data collection process and provides quantitative and definitive measurement data. The exact dimensions and locations of complex project details can be recorded with 2–4-millimeter accuracy. The millions of data points gathered from 3D laser scanning can be used to create information-rich deliverables for advanced analysis. Clients have requested dimensional comparisons, floor surface contours, bolt hole locations, and precise measurements for prefabrication, to name a few. Read more about point clouds here.

Data can be assessed on a computer in a 3D space, allowing clients to get a real view of the site without actually having to physically be there. Data is accurate, measurable, sharable, and editable. Custom deliverables, such as 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models can be created to bring clarity and resolution to projects. Read more about laser scanning deliverables, here

3D Laser Scanning Structural Analysis
Point cloud detail showing plane and vertices.

GPRS Partners with Engineers

GPRS is a leader in the field of 3D laser scanning and BIM modeling. Our team is highly educated and possesses the technical expertise to provide the precise data needed to solve complex engineering challenges. We have extensive experience partnering with engineers.

What are the Specialized Applications for Laser Scanning?

GPRS utilizes tripod-mounted high accuracy long-range LiDAR laser scanners for data capture, from Leica Geosystems and NavVis. The millimeter accurate point cloud data gathered by laser scanning is a powerful tool for solving complex engineering challenges. We deliver custom data analysis and calculations with high precision. Michelle Colella, Post-Processing Technical Manager, states, “we try to provide easy to read, intuitive formats that can be easily understood by clients with different industry backgrounds.”


Advanced Analysis Dimensional Drawings and Models Can Be Created For:

  • Comparative Analysis (ex: difference between design and as-built)
  • Deviation/Deformation Analysis
  • Digital Drawings of GPR Markings
  • Floor Flatness & Levelness Analysis/Contour Mapping
  • Drawings & Analysis to Support Prefabrication, (ex: panels, stairs, elevator shafts)
  • New Construction Verification
  • Reconciliation of Clients 2D Design Drawings & 3D Design Models
  • Structural Steel Shape Probability Analysis
  • Volume Calculations
  • Wall Plumb Analysis
  • Tank Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis


3D CAD Software

Our team works in industry-standard engineering software packages such as Autodesk and MicroStation, and additional specialized software, providing a vast amount of file types. Our team’s expert software knowledge expedites drawings (plans, elevations, end views, sectional views) and models (3D mesh, 3D BIM). 

  • Point cloud file format: .lfm, .pts, .e57, .rcs, .rcp, .las, .lgs, .ptg
  • 2D drawing file format: .rvt, .dwg, .dgn, .pdf
  • 3D mesh file format: .stl, .ply, .fbx, .obj,
  • 3D model file format: .dwg, .stp, .rvt, .ifc,
Cintoo Advance Analysis
Viewing Point Cloud & Model Online with Cintoo

Partnering to Complete Projects

Our team works closely with each client, building a strong relationship to solve their complex engineering problems. Constant communication with precise data facilitates that relationship.

I am 100% confident that we can partner to solve any engineering or construction project,” says Ryan Hacker, the Director for Laser Scanning Services. “We lead the industry with what we are able to do with point clouds and laser scanning. We aren’t looking to industry norms to dictate what we do. Our goal is to widen the gap between our work and the industry standard.”


Advanced Analysis Examples From 3D Laser Scanning


GPRS is a Technical Partner

As a technical partner, GPRS can help you determine the best solution based on the problem you are trying to solve. Aaron Hunt says, “We work closely with each client to understand their project scope and provide innovative engineering solutions.”

3D Laser Scanning New Steel & Piping
New Steel & Piping


“The first question we ask clients is ‘what are you really trying to get done?’ We concentrate our efforts and the budget to solve that problem,” adds Michelle Colella.

GPRS utilizes best-in-class technology from market leaders such as Leica Geosystems and Autodesk to deliver incredible data with trouble-free integration. GPRS laser scanning solutions improve productivity and expedite fieldwork, thereby reducing change orders, delays, and costs.

For more information on 3D laser scanning services, click here