Navigating the Layers: Understanding the GIS Platform of SiteMap®

Navigating the Layers: Understanding the GIS Platform of SiteMap®

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is a powerful tool that enables the collection, analysis, interpretation, and visualization of spatial and geographic data.

At its core, GIS integrates various data types such as maps, satellite imagery, and geospatial information, allowing users to understand and interpret relationships, patterns, and trends within geographic contexts.

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SiteMap® is a cloud-based infrastructure mapping application designed to help you plan, design, manage, dig, and build better.

SiteMap® (patent pending), powered by GPRS, is a cloud-based infrastructure mapping application that features GIS functionality, and is able to support data portability for your existing GIS platform of choice. What sets SiteMap® apart from GIS platforms, however, is that its powered by the accurate data obtained on site by GPRS’ NASSCO and SIM-certified Project Managers, and then layered and modeled by our in-house Mapping & Modeling Department to suit your needs.

From beginners to seasoned professionals, SiteMap® increases communication for everyone, lowering risks and incidents one site at a time.

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SiteMap® increases communication for everyone, lowering risks and incidents one site at a time.

Access It Anywhere

With SiteMap®, you can share your data with your team members – and you decide the number of users, their level of access, and how they are allowed to use that data.

From historical as-builts through up-to-date GPRS utility locates, concrete imaging, and 3D laser scans,, you can put the right information into the right hands exactly when they need it.

According to a study conducted for GPRS by Finch, 62% of facility managers must look in more than one place for their vital infrastructure data. This causes delays, and creates inaccuracies.

With SiteMap®, your team is always connected by accurate infrastructure data, eliminating mistakes caused by miscommunication. You will know exactly where to dig, and where to find electrical junctions, manholes, and valve shut-offs. When communication is fostered, smarter decisions can be made. 86% of employees cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main cause of workplace failures. With SiteMap®, the chance of poor communication is reduced, meaning your productivity increases, and your chance of striking a utility decreases.

The Power of GPRS

Any GIS platform can house a subsurface utility map. But no other GIS platform is backed by GPRS and its 99.8%+ accurate utility locating and concrete scanning, 2-4mm accurate 3D laser scanning, NASSCO-certified video pipe inspections, and pinpoint accurate leak detection.

When you hire GPRS to locate your outdoor utilities, we provide you with a free PDF and .KMZ file of our findings. Our state-of-the-art video pipe inspection [CCTV] services provide NASSCO-certified photo and video reporting of the state of your wastewater infrastructure, including a geolocated list of defects ranked by severity.

Depending on your needs, the GPRS Mapping and Modeling Department can utilize the above information to create anything from a GPS-enabled map of your utility locate to, in conjunction with 3D laser scanning, complete CAD drawings or a full 3D point cloud and BIM model of your facility.

Bundle of Benefits

SiteMap® is more than just a place to store your data. It’s a comprehensive subsurface infrastructure data management solution, a single source of truth for the information vital to the success of your next project.

Damage to underground facilities is one of the most common hurdles that construction projects must overcome. And according to the Common Ground Alliance’s 2022 DIRT Report, it’s only getting worse.

To address this problem, the CGA introduced the “50-in-5” initiative: a call-to-action to the construction industry to reduce damages by 50% over the next 5 years.

SiteMap® could have been purpose-built to help the industry achieve this goal. Depending on your SiteMap® subscription level, you can:

  • Own & access all your project data, whether ordered by you or your subcontractors. If GRPS did the work, you can see it all in SiteMap®
  • Retain and access every iteration of your digital as-builts to securely document and reference your project’s progress
  • Print, save, or copy your SiteMap® data to communicate real-time subsurface as-built information in whatever format suits your needs
  • Secure your subsurface files, maps, and drawings in one centralized Digital Plan Room accessible to only those you designate through the life of your project
  • SiteMap® creates an aggregated, historical, single source of truth – with as-builts, updated as often as you need for as many sites as you need – to eliminate data loss and the costly mistakes that come with it
  •  While SiteMap® contains its own intuitive GIS component, it can also easily integrate with your existing GIS software to provide an extra layer of safety and security for your data.

SiteMap® puts your data at your fingertips, allowing you to plan, design, manage, dig, and build better.

SiteMap® is a one-stop shop for visualization of your above and below ground infrastructure. While there are many GIS solutions on the market, SiteMap® offers the unique benefit of offering a comprehensive infrastructure mapping arena with the added security and benefit of being backed by GPRS infrastructure visualization services.

When looking for a subsurface mapping solution that offers comprehensive subsurface solutions, unheard-of accuracy, and an easy-to-use interface, SiteMap® is the solution.          

GPRS’ SiteMap® team members are currently scheduling live, personal SiteMap® demos. Click below to schedule yours today!