How To Locate Underground Utilities With SiteMap®: A User-Friendly Solution

How To Locate Underground Utilities With SiteMap®: A User-Friendly Solution

How to Locate Underground Utilities with SiteMap®: A User-Friendly Solution

As technology advances, the importance of safe and efficient excavation practices cannot be overstated. Hitting an underground utility line can have devastating consequences, leading to hefty expenses, construction delays, injuries, and even death. Accurately locating these utilities with precision is essential. Safe excavation practices and accurate locating techniques are key to completing construction projects on time, within budget, and while ensuring everyone's safety. 

Enter SiteMap®, powered by GPRS. This state-of-the-art underground utility mapping solution provides a user-friendly yet comprehensive answer to the problems of facility management.  

With SiteMap®, you can locate subsurface utilities accurately, read utility markings with ease, and minimize any potential damages during excavation work. 

What is Underground Utility Mapping?

Underground utility mapping is a critical component of any excavation project. It involves creating a map of subsurface utilities with pinpoint accuracy to avoid any potential damages and secure public safety.

With SiteMap's layered utility mapping data, you can experience accurate, detailed, and precise information for every project. SiteMap® provides not only the location of utilities but also the information on depth and size on an easy-to-use platform.

By ensuring accuracy, SiteMap® helps you to complete your project successfully every time. 

A worker scans the ground near a facility with an electromagnetic Locator.
SiteMap compiles all of the data collected by GPRS Project Managers through our use of advanced equipment such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) locators.

How to Locate Underground Utilities

SiteMap® is an all-encompassing solution for all your project needs. It serves as an all-in-one storage solution for the hyper accurate infrastructure visualization services provided by GPRS Project Managers. View, annotate, and collaborate with this information from anywhere at anytime. 

The collected data is compiled, resulting in detailed maps and diagrams of the utilities in each area. SiteMap® allows users to view the compiled data on their mobile devices and provides an intuitive user interface, making accessing crucial information effortless and efficient. 

Choose SiteMap® and gain access to advanced technology that locates underground utilities with ease and precision, reducing the risk of accidents and costly damages, improving productivity, and ensuring safety.

How to Read Utility Markings

When it comes to excavation and construction, reading utility markings with accuracy and completeness is critical in preventing hazards and avoiding delays, change orders, or damage. SiteMap® provides an innovative app that gets everyone on the same page for subsurface utilities on site.

SiteMap® allows users to identify and interpret underground utilities with up-to-date marking information, ensuring safe operation during excavation and construction work. 

With SiteMap®, all designated team members can access straightforward and valuable information on symbol and marking meaning, utility company name, type, depths, and extra markings like previous locates. Everyone is now empowered to make informed decisions about construction and excavation work. 

Subsurface Utility Location

Subsurface utility location is a crucial task in construction and excavation projects. By accurately mapping the location of subsurface utilities, contractors and engineers can save money in costly repairs and ensure the safety of their work sites and the public. 

Using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic locators, subsurface utility location involves non-invasive techniques that are both effective and efficient. GPR detects subtle changes in the ground using radar waves, while electromagnetic locators use radio waves to determine the depth and presence of subsurface utilities. SiteMap® uses the resulting data to create detailed and informative maps and diagrams of specific areas. 

By investing in these specialized methods and technologies, you can enhance the quality and safety of your construction and excavation work.

SiteMap's User-Friendly Solution

SiteMap® provides a comprehensive solution for underground utility mapping. With unique features, it can accurately locate and map out subsurface utilities to generate a map of underground utilities. This map is crucial for identifying the precise location and depth of utilities to prevent potential damages during excavation. 

In addition, SiteMap® offers a powerful underground utility mapping app that enables easy access to maps of underground utilities from mobile devices. This makes it convenient to reference while on the job site, ensuring safe and efficient excavation work practices.  

SiteMap® is at the forefront of excavation safety, providing streamlined solutions for underground utility mapping. Its advanced services and underground utility mapping app ensure easy identification of subsurface utilities and legible utility markings for seamless work operations. 

Inquire today with your GPRS Business Development Manager to secure a complimentary SiteMap® Personal subscription or schedule your service here. 

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