GPRS in the News: Featured in Trenchless Technology and Underground Infrastructure Magazines

Publications Devoted to Furthering Knowledge and Innovations in Underground Construction Industries Spotlight GPRS For Recent Initiatives and Projects

GPRS in the News: Featured in Trenchless Technology and Underground Infrastructure Magazines

Publications Devoted to Furthering Knowledge and Innovations in Underground Construction Industries Spotlight GPRS For Recent Initiatives and Projects

GPRS, known for its private utility locating, concrete scanning, video pipe inspection, 3D laser scanning, acoustic leak detection, and mapping and modeling services has recently been featured in two prominent Industry publications, Underground Infrastructure Magazine and Trenchless Technology Magazine for the company’s innovative work within the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries.  

The AEC-featured articles are two of twelve that have focused on the GPRS team within the 2023 calendar year. We have received other notable coverage in publications such as Engineering News Record (ENR), Construction Executive, and Dig Different Magazine, to name a few.

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GPRS Featured in Underground Infrastructure Magazine for Water & Sewer Damage Awareness Week

GPRS was acknowledged within Underground Infrastructure’s October issue for sponsoring Water & Sewer Damage Awareness Week (WSDAW) 2023. This initiative “offers free safety presentations to anyone responsible for water and/or wastewater systems” including, but not limited to, municipalities, general contractors, facility managers, and architecture and design firms. 

GPRS Senior Vice President of Marketing and SiteMap® Product Executive Jason Schaff explains that WSDAW is designed to help these groups retake control of their infrastructure. 

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WSDAW's inaugural year brought participation from top ENR firms such as AECOM, Garver, and IPS Engineering. Topics of discussion dovetailed with projects that have been the focus of GPRS’ attention in Trenchless Technology Magazine’s, November 2023 Issue: such as industry-leading strategies for cross bore mitigation, proactive water loss prevention, and creating a plan to keep all water, sewer, and storm systems running at peak efficiency through proactive maintenance and investigation.

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GPRS featured in Trenchless Technology Magazine for Cross Bore Mitigation Project in Fremont, California

GPRS was featured in Trenchless Technology Magazine’s November 2023 issue for a large video pipe inspection project completed in Fremont, California. This project was as part of a municipal mandate for video pipe inspection of all city sewer lines both before and after any directional drilling occurred within the city limits.  

As discussed in the article, directional drilling work, when not properly considering location of existing underground utility infrastructure, can result in dangerous underground utility intersections known as cross bores. These cross bores are a large risk to both the contractor installing the new utility lines and the general public, because they can cause anything from service interruptions to soil contamination, and — if gas or electrical lines are involved — electrocution and explosions.

The Cross Bore Safety Association estimates there is one cross bore for every three miles of pipeline in the U.S. with over close to one million undetected cross bores lying undiscovered.  

GPRS Director of Pipe Inspection Services, Kyle Humphries, is quoted in the article, saying,“In our industry, the majority of what we see is telecommunication lines, gas lines, or fiber lines intersecting with sewer or storm lines. When you’re talking about gas lines, a cross bore could result in gas leaking into a home or business, which could cause an explosion.” 

These dangerous underground utility intersections are a hot topic in the industry, and why Trenchless Technology Magazine was excited to feature GPRS when this project resulted in the discovery of 10 unknown cross bore intersections within the city of Fremont, California as show in the image below.  

The 10 cross bores where located, reported, and mitigated so that the city of Fremont could provide more utilities to the community safely, thanks in part to to GPRS elite team of Video Pipe Inspection - NASSCO certified Project Managers.  

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