Primary Magnetic Field Used to Induce an Electrical Current in the Earth


Electromagnetic Induction uses a primary magnetic field which induces an electrical current in the earth. The current in the earth produces a secondary magnetic field. The characteristics of the secondary magnetic field indicates the conductivity of the earth.

The wide range of frequency selections available with EMI, and its complimentary use with GPR, allow it to be a useful aid in a variety of professionally supported surveys and investigations including:

  • Geological Mapping (Geologic)
  • Groundwater Exploration (Hydrogeology)
  • Contaminant Detection (Environmental)
  • Landfill and Hazardous Waste Site Investigation (Environmental)
  • Metal Detection (UST, Buried man-made objects)
  • Precision Agriculture

The Electromagnetic Induction has an internal GPS unit. Having the internal GPS we are able to compile the data and map out the location of the finding per the latitude longitude given. To the right is an example of what the data will look like. In this map there are several locations of concrete on the site.

Electromagnetic Induction technology is a great additional service that GPRS can offer along with our Ground Penetrating Radar Services. Electromagnetic Induction is best used in open fields or parking lots covered with asphalt.

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Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) testing: A process that uses a primary magnetic field to induce an electrical current in the earth.
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