Municipal Sewer Inspections from GPRS

Municipalities need regular sewer line inspections to prevent system failure from clogs & blockages

GPRS offers Sewer Pipe Inspection services and programs for municipalities, villages, cities and towns.

Cities, municipalities and towns of all sizes have a lot to worry about, including growing and maintaining the water and sewer lines. Tree roots grow into sewer lines, (also called root invasion), causing them to collapse and fail. Sewer pipes also deteriorate over time due to heavy truck and equipment traffic on the roads above them and the wear and tear from regular usage over time.  

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Managing the entire infrastructure is an important aspect to consider for municipalities. Engaging in asset management practices across local infrastructure such as regular sewer camera inspections for sanitary sewer systems and storm drains will extend the lifespan of these systems and help with budgets that have limited funding. Our sewer line inspections program is designed to help.

We use video pipe inspection equipment such as video cameras (also called CCTV Inspection) to inspect underground water & sewer pipes for damage or potential problems. We evaluate and incorporate in our services the very latest in robotic video pipe cameras, push cameras, and lateral launch cameras that work in all types of sewer lines and sewer systems for sewer inspections. These high-end cameras investigate cross-bores, structural faults and damages, and lateral line inspections to show what is happening inside the sewer lines.

Assessing current conditions in your storm water and sewer systems

To prevent pipes from collapsing, we recommend a regular video inspection program for all cities and towns to assess current conditions. The inspection process is seamless, and will highlight any issues such as buildups starting to form in a line or tree roots starting to impact the integrity of the line.

Our Project Managers not only inspect the interior condition of water pipes, sewer pipes, sewer laterals and manholes – we can provide a map of their location if needed for record keeping.  

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Keeping homeowners happy and safe from backups and failures

Did you know that in the U.S., there are over 800,000 miles of public sewers and 500,000 miles of private lateral sewers connecting private property to public sewer lines?  Each of these conveyance systems is susceptible to structural failure, blockages, and overflows.

When homeowners are experiencing frequent sewer problems such as backups from the city's sewer system, it creates a lot of frustration and quite a mess. While sometimes a pipe collapses in a homeowner's yard, video pipe inspections identify exactly where the problem is right away.

Our team will work with municipalities  to create a sewer line inspection plan to regularly inspect the system. Contact us today to see how we can help.

GPRS Is a Proud Member of NASSCO

All GPRS Project Managers are NASSCO trained and certified and provide NASSCO reports for our pipe inspections. NASSCO is the National Association of Sewer Service Companies. NASSCO sets industry standards for assessing, maintaining, and rehabilitating underground infrastructure.