Power Generation


Last year,  nearly  63% of U.S. utility-scale electricity generation was produced from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), about 20% was from nuclear energy, and about 17% was from renewable energy sources. These industrial facilities have operators who are responsible for the repairs and updates on the mechanical and electrical equipment. Our extensive training program continues to  produce  experienced  project managers, providing industry  leading results when locating private utilities, scanning concrete and video pipe inspection (CCTV). 

GPRS has successfully completed as-built utility update projects at many power generation  facilities across the United States.  With our comprehensive range of reporting options, from marks on the ground, to a basic field sketch, or a detailed CAD report or satellite image overlay,  our energy clients  have the peace of mind of knowing that they have the most reliable scanning and reporting  technology on their job site. 

Much of our success in the power generation space is a result of our world-class training program. Our project managers are taken through an extensive process in which they learn about the SIM Specification. SIM contains three primary elements, the human asset, technology asset and methods applied in the field. The best site results are accomplished when the experienced, trained field technician can utilize multiple technologies in a comparative analysis of results from each utility locating technology. Thus, a highly skilled technician can locate the same utility using multiple technologies resulting in confirmation of findings and results.

To learn more about how GPRS can help you provide a safe and cost-effective project, please contact our Power Transmission and Distribution Division Manager, Josh Dotson: john.dotson@gprsinc.com | 419-205-7913