CCTV Sewer and Drain Inspection Services

Evaluate the Condition of Subsurface Utility Lines

CCTV Sewer and Pipe Survey System

GPRS also offers CCTV sewer inspection camera systems, designed for all types of drain and sewer inspection surveys. Our team uses state of the art HD cameras and sewer inspection systems to view the interior of buried drain and sewer lines. We can check for depth, evaluate the condition of the sewer or drain line, and identify potential access points for your team.

Experts in CCTV Pipeline and Sewer Inspections

The CCTV system we utilize is an in-line sewer crawler system that packs a super HD camera in a rugged, all weather package. Our CCTV sewer inspection system is capable of providing real time HD footage of pipes from 6” – 96” in diameter. With its 360˚ pan & tilt and zero degree turning ability, it offers the kind of maximum visibility and adaptability that is necessary for complete and accurate CCTV pipeline inspection.

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Our CCTV survey system can travel up to 1,000 ft. from its insertion point, and can track pipe grade, monitor temperature/pressure with its onboard sensors, and relay real time video back to a remote screen operated by our NASSCO certified technician. The sewer inspection camera captures superior video resolution and can illuminate targets with bright LED lights or an auxiliary lamp for larger pipelines that require more lighting. The video is carefully studied and recorded by our on-site technician, which can also be downloaded by the customer via USB or media network.

Our CCTV Sewer and Pipe Inspection Camera Can Evaluate:

  • Pipe Grade and Depth
  • Pipe Temperature Measuring
  • Pipe Pressure Monitoring
  • Sewer and Pipe Integrity
  • Sewer and Utility Access Points
  • Obstructions in Sewer or Pipelines

The in-line crawler has a steerable 6-wheel drive giving GPRS technicians the agility to navigate past obstacles that would stop others. The crawler is able to switch out wheel types and has a detachable lift that allows it to handle any combination of pipe size (6”-96”), material, and condition. The overlapping 6-wheel drive makes it the best option for climbing over offsets and debris that we might find while exploring. Our crawler also has onboard lasers that can be used to measure defects and damage within the pipe.

Full Service Sewer and Pipe Inspection Company

GPRS technicians provide you with industry leading CCTV sewer and drain inspection services. From the initial evaluation and recording of inside the pipeline, to a thorough review of the footage and identification of any issues discovered during the survey, we provide end to end CCTV sewer and drain inspection services. All our CCTV sewer and drain surveyors are NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) and have extensive training in inspecting and identifying critical issues with underground sewage and drain lines.

GPRS CCTV sewer inspection and survey services can help you evaluate buried sewer, drain and pipes for any number of issues. Our expert technicians can help you stay ahead of problems with all types of subsurface pipes and utility lines. Call GPRS today to schedule a consultation and see if our CCTV Sewer Camera services are right for your next construction job.