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Pipeline Inspection Crawler Camera System

Pipeline Inspection Crawler Camera System

The CCTV is an in-line crawler that packs a heavy punch when it comes to inspections of pipes (typically sewer and drain) 6” - 96” in diameter. A CCTV pipe inspection can give information as to what is happening in the utility line and is used to detect cracks, infractions, and other imperfections in the line.

With its 360˚ pan & tilt and zero-degree turning ability, the CCTV camera offers the maximum visibility and adaptability that is necessary for this line of work. For the best quality investigation, cameras are typically limited to bends between access points.

The CCTV pipe inspection camera has the capability to:

  • Travel 1,000LF from its insertion point
  • Track pipe grade
  • Relay real time video back to a remote screen operated by our NASSCO certified project manager
  • Measure defects and ovality within the pipe

The crawler camera captures superior video resolution and can illuminate targets with bright LED lights or an auxiliary lamp for larger pipelines that requires more lighting. The video is carefully studied and recorded by our project manager, and can be downloaded by the customer via USB or media network.

The in-line inspection crawler has a steerable 6-wheel drive, giving our project manager the agility to navigate past obstacles that may deter others. The CCTV inspection crawler is able to switch out wheel types and has a detachable lift that allows it to handle any combination of pipe size (6”-96”), material, and condition. The overlapping 6-wheel drive makes it the best option for climbing over offsets and debris that are commonly found in sewers, drains and pipes. Our crawler also has onboard lasers that can be used to measure defects and ovality within the pipe. For lines 4” or smaller in diameter, a push camera is a smaller camera option which can be pushed through a line by hand.

This nationwide service contractor comes with NASSCO certification and is available to anyone who requests.