The Cost Of Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems offers concrete scanning and private utility locating services for clients as a better option than buying equipment and training employees.

When you hire GPRS, you can save your company upfront equipment cost and long term cost including headaches and problems of training a GPR user. GPRS owns the best equipment on the market, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars equipment and the training.

GPRS technicians are extensively trained and are backed by a Ground Penetrating Radar company that has done over 25,000 jobs. Our technicians see data from an average of over 200 jobs a year, so they understand how to interpret data from all types of project sites. It is easy to miss critical information in the data if an operator is not familiar with the data and what it means. When you hire GPRS you receive a cost savings and the benefit of our expertise.

We have a network of over 55 active full-time field technicians nationwide who perform jobs just like yours every day.

Please contact your local technician today for a quick quote on your next project.