Ground Penetrating Radar Systems

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Systems LLC, is the nation’s largest company specializing in the detection of underground utilities and the scanning of concrete structures. GPRS has an extensive nationwide network of highly trained and experienced project managers in every major U.S. market. When clients hire GPRS, they have the peace of mind of knowing that they have the most reliable scanning technology on their job site and they'll receive the assistance of a project manager who can provide them with the most accurate data. For over a decade, GPRS has been the industry leader by providing outstanding service and cutting edge technology, keeping projects on time, reducing safety risks, and putting our relationships with our clients before profit.
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We offer a comprehensive range of reporting options, from a basic field sketch to a full-blown AutoCAD report, that will pinpoint buried electrical, water, gas, communication, sewer and storm drain lines. Our report will provide you with a permanent utilities location record for future reference.

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Our well-trained, skilled, experienced project managers are accustomed to responding quickly to any service request, especially when your need for concrete scanning is a last-minute discovery. The end result is professional, accurate and timely scanning - exactly what you're seeking to mitigate risk and keep employees safe.

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Introducing a new versatile technology to the GPRS family. The in-line crawler inspects the inside of pipes/culverts 6” – 96” in diameter. It can reach up to 1,000LF from the insertion point and features 360˚ pan and tilt. It can achieve zero-degree turning, track pipe grade and monitor temperature/pressure with onboard sensors.

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