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Voids and Utility Lines Located Under Pool - Orlando, FL

Voids and Utility Lines Located Under Pool - Orlando, FL
The picture above shows GPRS Inc., Project Manager,
Nate Schmoe scanning the pool deck slab surface.

After repairing a leaking pipe for one of their swimming pools, a large theme park was worried that the leaking pipe could have caused a void. To locate any potential voids, the repair team that was working at this job site decided to call GPRS to scan the area.

To correct a void, the repair team needed to drill and then inject material into several locations to fill the void(s) under the pool. However, prior to drilling, the repair team was aware that there would be a possibility that utility, and water lines could be underneath the surface of the pool deck, which would need to be located.

After the scan, GPRS was able to give the team a pretty solid idea of where the void was, and how wide it was (in all directions). After locating the void area, Project Manager, Nate Schome, then proceeded to mark out all of the structural steel and possible utility lines. To preserve the aesthetics of the pool, lumber crayons were used which would wash away days after the scanning was completed. Also, a report was provided to the company which included data shots, and photos outlining the details of the findings. After several days after the void was located, the company was able to determine their injection points, and they were able to correct the void without causing damage to pool structure or subsurface utility lines.

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