GPRS Subsurface GPR Scanning

Utility Scanning Prior to Concrete / Asphalt Excavation in North Florida

GPRS Jacksonville was contacted recently to complete a utility locate at an inter-modal facility in the North Florida/Jacksonville area. The client was cutting out asphalt and concrete and excavating to install new supporting sub-grade and concrete. Water, sewer, storm, gas, communication electrical and power lines all ran through the area and the contractor wanted to be safe and avoid hitting what may have been beneath the surface. Following the locate, the excavation crew was able to remove all of the soil and concrete without disturbing any live utilities. As safety is an ever-growing concern on job sites GPR further aids in assuring workers are kept safe while also keeping time constraints in mind. GPRS prides itself on quick responses, professional service and accurate markings.

Utility Scanning Prior to Concrete / Asphault Exavaction in North Florida

If you would like similar work completed, please visit or our contact us page to locate your nearest representative. Also, please check out our full list of services which include, but are not limited to: utility locating, concrete scanning, UST location, conduit mapping, etc. Below you can see GPRS technician Adam Yunker locating utilities using the SIR 3000 and 400 MHz antenna set up.

Ground Radar Scanning
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