Utility Scan Before Retaining Wall Excavation - Kitchener, OntarioUtility Locating Prior to Excavation for Retaining Wall
- Kitchener, Ontario

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of Hamilton / Toronto was recently contacted by a major construction company to conduct a utility locating scan in Kitchener, Ontario. The contactor needed to get started with excavation so that they could build a retaining wall. The construction of the wall was the first phase of a two-year project, and of course, the customer wanted to have the area scanned before they started any digging at the job-site.

GPRS is aware of the importance of diligent work, and we work hard to help contactors at projects like these. Our experienced Project Managers work to make sure that the dangerous and costly mistake of hitting a utility line does not happen for our customers. At this particular job, hitting a utility line would have likely slowed down the project. Also if a utility or major gas line would have been hit, of course, a large number of buildings and businesses near the job-site would be impacted as well. GPR and Radio-detection was used to give this customer peace of mind so that they could continue their work with confidence.

It was very clear to our customer that they needed to use GPR for the highest quality and the best results. GPRS ensured that the area was clear of any utilities or unknown lines that could have been a hazard within the construction zone. Paintings on the surface were provided for easy visibility. Additionally, a detailed sketch of the locations and depths of all of the utility lines was provided to the customer so that they would have a long term record of the scan.

Our customer was planning to remove an easement in order to build a retaining wall for the first phase of their 2-year project. However, it was critical that all of the utilities and unknown lines were accurately located. Private utility locating services with ground penetrating radar coupled with Ontario One Call and city plans insures that the location and depths of utilities can be determined prior to a construction project. With this detailed information, just as this customer did, you will be able to keep your job-site safe and on schedule.

If you are in need of, or would like a free quote for any of our underground utility locating services (private or public), such as utility locating, underground storage tank locating, soil boring clearance, or trench scanning in the Hamilton, London or Windsor area, please contact:

Adrian Atkins at (905) 531-1483 or at adrian.atkins@gp-radar.ca.

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