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Secondary Utilities Lines Located After a Gas Line is Accidentally Hit - Calgary, Alberta

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Enterprises Inc. of Calgary was contacted by a major general contractor to remark all of the utility lines at a construction site in Calgary. The project site was at a gas station where a new building (adjacent to an existing structure) was being built. This project required the builder to dig a trench for several new utility lines and a utility locating service was called prior to digging. However, during the digging process, a gas line was accidentally hit. After the gas line was hit, the contractor reached out to GPRS for their utility locating services and Project Manager Kien Do was able to arrive at the site within a few hours. This job was considered an emergency as construction operations had to be halted until a new utility scan was completed. The contractor requested GPRS to conduct a survey throughout the site with Ground Penetrating Radar and radio detection technologies to assist with locating all critical targets. Project Manager Kien Do quickly realized that multiple lines were missed by the first utility locating company. Many lines were missed and several of the lines were not properly marked by the previous survey company. These lines included several electrical, irrigation, and gas lines. GPRS was also able to determine that in addition to damage to a gas line, an irrigation system at the site was also damaged during the initial dig.

Utility Scan After Gas Line is Accidently Hit - Calgary, Alberta

The picture above shows the gas line that was repaired just before we arrived on-site. The excavator hit this gas line most likely due to the fact that the previous utility locater that was used service failed to leave accurate markings. The markings that the previous utility scanning service made on to the ground was off from the actual location of the gas line. We also found a main power line running very close to the trench; which was not marked prior to excavation. The contractor was lucky that they did not strike this electrical cable with a bobcat. All of the findings were provided on-site and they were provided in real time and this allowed the contractor to carry the project confidently and safely. The contractor would have avoided project delays if they would have had better information on the location of the utilities prior to trenching.

Consequently, to avoid costly repairs and to maintain job-site safety, it is absolutely critical that all utility lines and all other critical underground targets are located prior to trenching or digging. Ground Penetrating Radar mapping is a great tool to scan areas for underground water, gas, electrical, communication, sewer lines. Ground penetrating radar can also be used to locate underground cables, pipes, and conduits, including PVC pipes and other objects such as underground storage tanks (USTs) prior to digging or excavation.

Hydro Line Scanning with GPR Alberta

The picture shown above provides a closer look at the main power line (shown in red paint) that was less than a foot away from the trench. The bobcat in the right side of the image shows the bobcat that used to excavate this trench until a gas line was hit.

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