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Utility Locate in Downtown - Jacksonville, FL

GPRS of Jacksonville was contacted recently to locate utilities prior to a directional horizontal bore in downtown Jacksonville. The client knew of communication, power, force main gas and other unknown utilities along the projected bore path but they could not be located by the free 811 locate service. The sunshine locates located a few items, but the client also needed depths to assure the safety of the bore throughout the project. GPRS mobilized the following day and was able to locate all the items in question and provide accurate depths (verified by pothole/soft dig) and helped the client to safely complete the project. GPRS locates private and public utilities on a regular basis and will provide depths that can assist in accurately and safely completing all utility installation jobs. In the image below you can see GPRS technician Adam Yunker with the GSSI 400 MHz antenna working near downtown Jacksonville.

Utility Locate in Downtown Jacksonville, FL

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