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Private Utility Scan for Security Company - Louisville, KY

Private Utility Scan for Security Company - Louisville, KY  Utility Locate for Security Firm - Louisville, KY

Recently, GPRS was contacted by a security installation company in Louisville, KY. The client was installing a security system at a facility in downtown Louisville. Prior to digging trenches for the security system, GPRS arrived on site to locate the existing underground utilities.
The scanning was conducted at the entrance ways of the facility. There were two entrances to the parking lot and these areas were scanned for utilities. The scanning was conducted using the RD 7000 and 400 MHz antenna. Electrical lines were located traveling to the street lights, which lined the front of the property. Electric lines were also located surrounding an old guard shack. The main water line entering the property was also located nearby where the trenching was to take place. These findings were marked on the surface and then communicated to the client. The client was satisfied to know the locations of the existing utilities prior to excavation.

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